The spy boss


Do you often find our boss spying to have detailed idea on what’s going on at your office PC? Or do you notice him watching you in the office from any distance corner? If your answer is “yes”, consider him to be the spy boss. Spying software even in vogue and to monitor and track whether you are concentrating on your work or browsing through the porn sites, your spying boss may keep his vigilant eye wide open.

Safeguard yourself
You can safeguard yourself; it is just a meter of few mental adjustments. Be serious in the office and freak out in the evening. Bosses aim in increasing productivity; they do not have any basic intention to bother you unnecessarily. Just thing sensibly, he needs to answer to the higher management about your performances and it is the boss who takes the charge of increasing your productivity at the workplace. Still, it is wise to consider that there are exceptional cases and in many cases bosses tends to be jealous of your style and attitude and finally from typical insecurity, a behavioral change is noticed.

Supplementing the stress
There are several ways of overcoming the problems intentionally created by the bullying bosses. We need to perform your duties in the office accurately and then we have to ensure that we carry on with a professional attitude. Office is the professional arena and it is utter callousness to expose our personal self and emotions out there. Spying bosses may try to check out your personal emails, letters, and even belongings from the office drawer.

Best solution
Best policy is to come closer to the spying boss to release his tension, and if you assure him about your better work quality, definitely his attitudes will change. You can largely make the difference. Instead of hackneyed pattern of thought it is best to be well aware of likes and dislikes of the spying boss to convince him in an easier manner.