The relationship between sex and health


sexhealth What is sex?

Apart from the biological action, sex is a union of minds and souls of the couples. It is one of the methods of expressing the love, concern and affection of the couple. Some even say that it is a spiritual and emotional bondage of the couples. It is a process of procreating the children.

Health benefits of sex:

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, it has many health related advantages. Some of the fascinating facts revealed by scientists say that sex increases the intake of oxygen by the couples during the course of their sexual activity.

The increase in intake of oxygen decreases or regulates the heartbeat and it also results in decrease in blood pressure. Some researchers even call the sexual activity as an exercise. It is very much helpful to the skeletal muscles, because sex increases density of capillaries.

Apart from this, it has other benefits on the coronary arteries of the human being. It regulates the blood pressure. It decreases the accumulation of fat in the body and as a result, reduces the level of cholesterol as well as the triglyceride.

With the regulation of cholesterol, the tolerance of glucose increases considerably. In effect, the exercise during the sex clears the veins of fat and cholesterol levels and therefore it greatly minimizes the chances of heart attacks or neurological problems, like stroke, etc.

Another astonishing fact is that sex reduces the chances of diabetes. This is obvious, because the level of cholesterol and triglyceride and the accumulation of the fat diminishes in the body due to the exercise that naturally takes place during sex. It also lowers the chances of cancer of colon and the breast. The diseases associated with gall bladder also reduce considerably.

Researchers have said that during the sexual activity, most part of the body is actively involved. Therefore, it causes good exercise to the muscles. Some even equate this to involvement of muscles during swimming or cycling. It greatly enhances the flexibility of muscles.

The list of advantages goes on. Sex has some psychological aspects also. It makes the person relieved. The level of anxiety reduces. Depression disappears. The physical and mental health improves.