The Onscreen Style of Chris Tucker


christucker Of course celebrities are going to be as well dressed and good looking onscreen as the director wants them to be. Most of us would like the lifestyle.Mostly, we cannot have it, except for the wardrobe. However, it still takes time to put together the ensemble in a stylish and coordinated way. Let us see how Chris Tucker does it.

The movie scene is from Rush Hour 3 and shows Tucker’s elegant style to the max. Tucker always knows how to manage his colors for the best effect.

The Blazer

It is a close fitted two button model from John Varvatos. Its light color looks like summer and it is made for summer too with a lightweight outside and all cotton (for breathing) inside.

This classic two button will always be appropriate. Wear it with a striped dress shirt to a casual occasion that still requires a smart look. Or you can go all casual with a jeans matchup.

The Shirt

This is the Thomas Pink button down traveler model. Tucker does a great job matching the similar shades of the blazer and the shirt. It is all cotton for coolness and crease resistant for travel. It is versatile and can also fit right in with a dark suit, or even jeans and a sweater.

The Tie

It is an all silk Dolce & Gabbana model in classic stripes. The slight shine to the finish is shown off well against the flatter look of the shirt and blazer.

The Watch

Tucker wears a very expensive timepiece. This model from Citizen (the Caliper 9000) costs much less but still completes the ensemble. Note the brown leather strap that goes well with the brown in the tie. The face has just enough flash to it without grabbing the whole scene. It is also eco-friendly, taking its charge from nearly any light source.

Tucker’s Gift

It is never easy to assemble a great combination when the shirt and blazer are nearly the same color. Tucker does it with flare by using the subtle differences in the tie and watch.