The First Kiss – Get It Right

First Kiss

The first kiss is always special for us. In due course of time, it goes to become one of the sweetest memories that we treasure. It helps to bring you and your darling closer – in all ways. Since the first kiss is so special for you, so you should put additional effort to make the kiss more special for both of you. To do so, you have to take care of a few simple but important things. Since, first kiss is a very delicate matter, so you should not take a chance about anything because any ignorance towards the simplest thing can ruin this experience.

Choosing the right place holds extreme importance in this matter. Your first kiss is a private affair and you will not like to do it in public view. So, choose a place which is isolated. To bring more romance naturally within you and your partner, choose a place which is visually appealing. Romantic music also helps a lot to create a romantic mood. You should also consider your and your partner’s comfort factor while choosing the place. So, along with the right location, the right ambience also becomes important.

To bring her closer to you, you need to smell good. If you stink or have a bad breath, she will prefer to maintain a safe distance from you. Use a good perfume, the more appealing the fragrance, the better it is for you. Chew a mint and keep the bad breath at bay. Resist from hurrying up and restrain thinking about the kiss. If you keep thinking about it, then you will become conscious and that will show and make her uncomfortable. Instead, enjoy the time and the company of your sweetheart.

Before going for the kiss, make sure that both of you are ready for it. Look into her eyes and then shift the gaze between her eyes and her lips. Then lean towards her while maintaining the eye contact. If she leans away or moves back, then she is not ready for it. If she does not move away or leans towards you, then she is willing to experience it too. In that case, hold her lightly, close your eyes and kiss her gently. Keep the kiss short. After it is over, look at her, giver her a smile and hold her close to you for sometime.

The first kiss is an ecstatic moment. So, experience the divine feeling of your first kiss of love.