The Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm

The enchantment of nature is beautiful, and one of its most precious gifts is human sexuality. To allow yourself to fully enjoy all that sex has to offer, we must first learn about the mechanics involved in a sexual relationship. Having a thorough understanding of the female body and its pleasure zones is imperative.

Female Anatomy

There are two main points of stimulation for a woman. The clitoris and the G-Spot are two of the main arousal points on a woman’s body. Knowing where they are and how to stimulate them correctly is the turning point of your sexual relationship together. It means the difference between wow, and WOW!

The Grafenberg

The G-Spot is inside the vagina just behind the pelvic bone. It is literally a conglomeration of nerve endings that is a sponge like area, slightly ridged, that can cause your female partner to writhe with excitement. The G-Spot is also known as the Grafenberg spot, and locating that spot will certainly drive your female partner wild with excitement. Sometimes direct stimulation to the G-Spot will bring a woman to convulsive levels of orgasm.

The Clitoris

The clitoris can be found outside of the vagina. It is often covered by a small but very thin piece of skin. Once a wonam is sexually aroused, this little gland will expand. It is biologically the equivalent of a male penis. A gentle massage to the clitoris causes the budlike formation to expand, causing her to achieve an orgasm.

The Clitoral Orgasm

Women are capable of achieving two different types of orgasm. Using a gentle sucking motion, your fingers or a vibrator to directly stimulate the clitoris will likely result in a clitoral orgasm for the female. The clitoris is very sensitive so let your female partner communicate with you as you stimulate her to achieve optimal results. Many couples try to stimulate the clitoris by having sexual intercourse, but only some women can achieve their orgasm this way. Too much or too long with direct stimulation may result in losing the pleasurable feelings.

The G-Spot orgasm

Here again, each woman is a little different. The exact location of each woman’s G-Spot is a little different. More of a challenge to locate, but well worth the effort! It is often recommended that the female sit on her hand, inserting one finger to locate her own G-Spot herself. Once she knows where it is she can share the information with her mate. Once you have located both of these errogenous zones in your partner, you can find ways to stimulate both areas to achieve the multiple orgasm experience.