The Causes and Treatments For Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

Today, the most common problem amongst the males is hair loss and baldness. While some males experience hair loss in old age, there are others who start to lose their hair during the early phase of life and after some time, they go completely bald. It’s quite a frustrating disease that can be easily found among males of different age groups.

There are a number of TV commercials on air these days promising to stop hair fall and grow new hair, and in return mint a lot of money from gullible customers. Some people are fine with paying a hefty amount in return for their lost hair, but it would all be for naught as these fake TV commercials will give you nothing other than a hole in your pocket.

In a recently conducted study, it was found that Propecia is the best medicine to treat the male pattern baldness. However, the dosage prescribed by the doctor needs to be adhered.

Propecia can be taken any time so there is no need to worry about whether to take it before or after meals. Take it regularly as prescribed by doctors to get the best results. Please ensure that you do not take an overdose to get faster results.

If there is no sign of success after 12 months of continued medication, it is not a good idea to continue with the same medication. DO NOT start or stop taking Propecia without the advice of your doctor.

Most important is to AVOID stress and sleep well. Drink lots of water. Take a head massage that will boost the blood circulation. DO NOT cover your hair with caps, hats etc, unless it is to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

DO NOT stop taking the medicine in between; otherwise you’ll lose the hair that you have gained during the treatment.

Follow these simple steps mentioned above and get ready to see fresh hair growth, and also control the existing hair loss. I missed one of the most important points above that is to be happy and positive; that’s how one can live one’s life.