The Brad Pitt Workout


If you have the heart to do it, there is nothing out there to stop you. In today’s world, you do not need an expertise trainer beside you to get that super fit body you want. Even the dietician is just the frills on a cake. The real issue is always about your goal.

If you want something, so badly then tell me who can stop you. Look what Brad Pitt did (well he did have the help from a trainer and dietician, only because he did not have the time to read like you do). He concentrated all his efforts on a single goal a day. You can do the same.

His fundamental workout was designed around doing one set of muscles a day and then giving it a rest for the remaining week. Now when we say he worked one set of muscles we mean he pushed that muscle group to its limits. Muscle worked like that is a good as muscle grows with rest. During rest periods muscle mass increases. You can do the same if you want.

Work on one group of muscle every day and then move on to the next one the following day. This will promote more muscle growth than doing several sets of exercises every single day. Brad used to at the end of the week do a good cardio work out. By doing this, it would put his body into a fat burning mode which would help shed of any extra fat padding the muscle. That is how he was able to achieve that chiseled look.

Brads work out was as follows. The weight you decide upon to work with should challenge you on the extreme limits. He did 3 set each with approximately 60 seconds rest in-between.

On Mondays, his entire focus was on the back. In included inclined nautical chest press and incline press, 25 push ups and the Pec deck machine (chest fly).Tuesdays was all about the back so he did Lat pull downs and T-bar rows 5 pull ups and Seated rows. Moving on to Wednesday his attention was on his shoulders.

This included lateral raises and front raises as well as Arnold dumbbells press as in a military press. His Thursday was dedicated to biceps and triceps. This he did using the Nautilus curl machine. He also included hammer curls. Fridays were left for his cardio which was running on the treadmill for 45 min at 65 % to 75% maximum heart rate.

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