The Best Exercise to Make your Penis Bigger

Bigger pennis

There are many opinions on various exercises to enlarge your penis, but they exclude the two most important points, namely, take a rest of 2-3 days after your exercise routine and protect your penis from being injured.

Although exercises are good for the body or the intended purpose of enlarging your penis, overworking your body brings more harm than good. Time off is necessary to allow your penile tissues to heal and rest after the continuous work out. Your penis should be wrapped in a towel soaked in warm water to absorb the heat for a couple of minutes before rewrapping your penis after wringing the towel semi-dry. This process allows the heat to protect your penis from any possible injuries during the work out.

If you desire harder erections which last longer, consider the following three effective exercises. Each of these exercises is aimed to enlarge your penis and should be done with the above tip in mind; that is, rest your body for about 2-3 days after the exercise, and perform the towel wrap routine.

Penis stretching
This is a simple exercise where you need to use your thumb and index finger. Hold the top of your penis with a good grip using just your index finger and thumb before pulling it gently outwards for about 15 seconds. Then gently shake your penis to encourage the blood to circulate. Repeat a few times, i.e. pull and shake. You can pull your penis in all directions during the repetitions.

Jelq routine
This exercise is used to develop a bigger and harder penis through the use of a lubricant. This routine can be performed even if you have a semi-erection. Again, use just your thumb and index finger to form the ‘OK’ hand gesture before gripping your penis base gently but firmly. Slide your thumb and finger up the penis to its tip slowing, as in milking, to push the blood to the penis head. This exercise should be done slowly, taking 4-5 seconds at each slide. You should alternate hands for each slide.  The routine is finished when each hand has done the slide 8 to 10 times.

The Jelq routine increases your penis size because more blood is now gorging your penis. You can slowly increase the number of slides once your penis adapts to the increased blood flow, increasing its size over time.

PC flex
This exercise activates the muscles responsible for holding back your urine. These muscles also control your ejaculation. Weak PC muscles lead to weak control over your ejaculation. Simply tense your PC muscles for about 3 seconds, causing your penis to jump slightly, before relaxing. You can repeat this simple routine up to 100 times a day although it is good to start off with 50 repetitions. You can perform this routine anytime and anywhere when convenient.

For lasting effect, these routines should be performed regularly. Self discipline and a good effort will ensure the desired results.