The Best And Worst Sex Foods


If you change the type of food you eat you could be on your way to improving your sexual performance say researchers. Scientists are of the belief that an unhealthy diet will, and is, leading to an epidemic like situation with many people bordering on the realms of obesity. However, this is not the end of the matter. There is another problem that fatty diets are turning out to be the main cause of – a sex crisis.

Research shows that an average man had sex as often as 138 times a year in 1996. This has fallen to just 85 times in 2007. this amounts to a decrease of 38 percent in just over a decade. Psychologists are of the opinion that as many as one in five couples are living through a sexless marriage. In other words, we can say that our sex drive is in deep trouble.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the decline in our sex drive is obesity. This is true to women as well as men. As our weight goes up our libido goes down. The biochemical changes in our system are the cause of this decline in libido as we increase our weight. The food we eat is the cause of the weight increase. So the answer is staring us in our face. Control our diet and in turn we control our weight – the sex drive will take care of itself.

There is good news though. By making some very simple changes to our lifestyle we can rectify this problem quite easily. Healthy vegetarian diet once in a while will reinvigorate our relationship and revitalize our sex lives. A bit of exercise coupled with abstention from processed food and alcohol will do wonders for us in every possible sphere. So, as a rule keep a week reserved for abstaining from junk food and processed foods. During this time drink a lot of water and as little alcohol. You will have more fun in the bedroom and live healthier too.