The Basics of Men’s Hair Care: Quick and Easy Tips that Keep Men’s Hair Looking Great

Mens Hair Care

A variety of products including conditioners, gels, shampoos and a whole range of hair care products for men are flooding the market. The truth is that men are spending more money in spas and parlors as compared to women.

Earlier look of a simple gentlemanly style, when guys simply used hair oil and style it, is now a thing of the past. If you are confused about what really suits your personality and your hair, the following paragraphs will lead you towards a style statement.

In case you are having fine and smooth hair, and you want to get a spiky appearance, you have to buy fixative products. Similarly, if your hair is rough and you want it to look softer so that every girl would have an irresistible desire to run her fingers through your hair, you have to buy products that make the hair pliable. Thus different products are available for different kind of hair.

When we talk about fixatives, these products include:

Gels are good fixatives; especially if they are water based ones to give a wet look. If you have fine hair, buy a lighter gel, since a strong gel would not look good on fine hair.

Sprays on the other hand will lock the style. Sprays are known for giving finishing touches to your hair. Lighter sprays for finer hair will do well.

On the other hand pliable hair care products include:

Water or wax based pomades can be used for a glossy look. They are very good for thick and rough hair. If you want your short hair to shine, you can use Pomades but they can look greasy on fine hair.

Like pomade, waxes are used for rough hair, but they will be harder. All waxes are petroleum-based and can give your hair sheen. They will do well to control short hairstyling, such as flattops and buzz-cut.

Along with waxes and pomades, fiber or mud is used for controlling thick hair. They give your hair a matte finish. They can be used on unruly hairstyle, or to separate longer styles.

Similarly, creams can go with any kind of hair, bringing sheen for dull type and greater shine to finer hair. All you require is a small quantity. It also suits curly hair and can keep the curls bound.