The Abs Diet


If you thought the only way to get your abs in shape for the summer was with crunches and similar gut-workout exercises, then it may come as a surprise for you to know that there something equally effective: the Abs diet! Yes, the Abs diet helps you overcome all those avoidance tactics you employed so far to keep temptation at bay, like changing your jogging route so you’d not run past your favorite restaurant or turning down invites for parties and weddings and going on the Abs diet doesn’t mean having to exist only on salad and water either. So, if this new revolutionary diet plan promises to give you a new body, increase your flexibility and free you from ugly mid-section flab, wouldn’t you like to just dive into it straight away?

We know you would! So we’ve started by focusing on the most important guideline for the abs diet, which is to include power foods as staples of everyday meals i.e. foods high in core nutritional values that can work by themselves to convert your fat for muscle. These typically include several varieties of dairy foods, fresh veggies and fruit portions besides lean meat options that allow you to power up and get fit.

You also need to divide your daily consumption into a 6 meals a day routine and keep to the timings for each so your meal plan is balanced, varied and keeps you feeling satiated all day long, keeping cravings at bay too. Remember to go high on almonds, beans and legumes and feast on spinach and other greens; include low-fat dairy options when you shop for cheese, milk and yogurt and have plenty of filler-foods like unsweetened oatmeal (quick to cook).

High protein, healthy power foods for a pro-abs diet also includes eggs, white meat (turkey etc.) and makes yourself sandwiches using whole-grain breads layered with peanut butter and lean meats. For cooking, use olive oil and go for fiber-rich diets with plenty of cereals. Load up on berries and get the extra power of whey powder protein to fire up your abs diet – and watch the fat turn to muscle gradually with dedicated meal-planning!