Thailand – Destination for Enchanting Tours


For exposing yourself to a cultural extravaganza, Thailand holidays are an extraordinary option. Thailand holidays offer you life, which is very distinct from what you experience in the West or US.

This alone makes it difficult to resist the temptation of visiting this Asian country. Whether you want to leave your children in a child-care center or go for a shopping spree, you can choose a variety of places here, even as you indulge to your heart’s content in this land of modest people.

The hazel waters around Thailand will remove all your weariness, even as soothing music  ravishes you, when you step into your hotel. On the streets, the cycle rickshaws, the smell of fruits, flowers warmed up by the sunlight which tans you, and the coastal waters bringing a salty flavor into the air are all experiences to be cherished.

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital or Phuket offer you wonderful floating markets, and these markets are more marked in island provinces like Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, & Koh Tao on the eastern Gulf coast. It is here you can taste the foods of orient, especially the seafood, a specialty in their cuisine. Savoring the spicy fish in the ambience of Phuket floating markets is certainly an experience which you will remember for the rest of your life.

For your residence during your stay in Thailand, there are plenty of options, and they can suit any kind of budget. Remember, Thailand is undergoing a change, as it has recognized the benefits of tourism, offering a lot of hotels, serviced apartments, resorts, and private guest- houses. Everything laid out in a way to suit your purse.

If by chance you have chosen monsoon period for touring Thailand,  you still don’t have to worry, because even as the island is getting showers on one side, the other side remains dry, enabling you to just slip into the other part of Thailand. Phuket gets plenty of rains during the long period of April-October, while places like Koh Tao or Koh Samui get their rains only during later part of September and continue to receive showers until mid-December.