Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Are you a male? Are you more irritable than usual lately? Have you been feeling depressed and tired? Have you noticed an increase in the size of your breasts? Are you feeling less amorous and/or are you having problems keeping an erection? Maybe you are one of over four million American men who suffer from low testosterone, otherwise known as Hypogonadism.

Some treatments
Over the years, there have been many types of treatments for this ailment. Some men have had to make regular visits to the doctor every three weeks for a synthetic testosterone treatment. Others have used a testosterone patch, which was applied daily much like a nicotine patch directly to the scrotum. Besides patients having to shave the scrotum (and the annoying itching after that), the patch was painful to remove and also annoying to apply. Others have attempted to deal with flagging passions by using topical gels and creams which were said to prolong the fun. However, many of these products numbed the genitalia of their partner; ensuring that no one had a good time.

A new treatment
AndroGel, produced by Unimed Pharmaceuticals based in Illinois, is a new testosterone gel that is now available in the United States through a pharmacist, doctor or by prescription. Unlike other gels which are applied directly to the genitals, this gel is applied to the skin on shoulders, upper arms and abdomen, rather how you might apply a body or massage lotion. As it dries quickly and is absorbed into the skin, the testosterone slowly seeps into the bloodstream.

Clinical results
In a study using 227 men, those who used AndroGel reported a loss of body fat while also noting an increase in lean muscle strength as well as a noticeable improvement in their sexual function. In addition, it was noted that this product was able to deliver consistent levels of testosterone, which reduced physical and emotional effects that might normally be associated with testosterone therapy.

Too much of a good thing
That being said, it is important for those considering testosterone therapy to seek professional counsel before going forward. Men who take up testosterone therapy even when their testosterone levels are already normal may predispose themselves to liver damage, increased cholesterol levels as well as the development of prostrate tumours.