Testicle Pain Causes – Is it Cancer? Why Testicular Pain and Scrotum Swelling Happens

Testicle Pain

These are two oval shaped balls situated just below the penis.They are concealed within the scrotum .The testicles are responsible for the production of sperm but only when one reaches puberty. During intercourse the sperm will then fertilize the egg produced by the woman and conception takes place. For conception to take place the testicles must be healthy.

Diseases that affect testicles
Various conditions are known to affect the testicles which end up causing a lot of pain and swelling to that area. One of them is known as Epididymitis that causes the swelling of the epididymis. Epididymis is the tube from where the sperm moves across from the testicles to the penis .The swelling may progress to the testicles. This is usually accompanied by severe pain and fever. Although a few cases have been reported in adults, especially after a vasectomy or sexual intercourse, this disease is more rampant in children. The common causes are said to be through a viral or bacterial infection. For diagnosis one has to undergo a urine test. Even with treatment it may take up to three months before it completely heals.

Another condition is known as Hydrocele, this causes a very large swelling normally caused when fluid gathers within the skin covering the scrotum. This may be as a result of injury or infection. Compared to Epididymitis, this condition is rare.

Testicular cancer as the name suggests is cancer of the testicles. Its symptoms may include a hard swelling in the testicles and heaviness in the scrotum and penis; one may experience aches and pains especially around the groin and scrotum. This is not a common disease but it is more likely to affect men between the ages of 20 and 25.The cause of this disease is yet to be discovered. Although it cannot be prevented, regular checkups will help in early diagnosis to prevent spread of the cancer and successful treatment.

Last but not the least we have Testicular torsion. It is an extremely painful condition caused by the twisting and inadequate blood supply to the testicles. It is more common in children and is not preventable but early treatment is necessary to avoid damage to the testicles.



    my own case started with smal iregula appeareance like bruse around the pubic hair area and to the scrotum and latter formed some wound on the pennis. my doctor treats it each time it comes out but after few months it will start again. the cause was not seen in neither urine nor a sworp examination, for the past six eight years it has been there. now it has come with a seveer pain on the testicles without being noticed in the lab. i used an unventilated toilet when i was in school and it startes befor i ever had any sex with a woman. what would be the medication pls very urgent?. thanks