Tea As A Summer Drink


tea-drink Tea as a summer drink for some sound very harsh. This is because they are possibly thinking of the hot kind of tea we are so used to consuming. Here we are not talking about the hot cup of tea, but the nice cool variety normally made into ice tea with a good dose of lemon. This concoction really makes a very good summer drink.

Creating this drink is the easiest thing to do. All you need is some left over (soaked) tea of some good quality, add to it lemon (preferable fresh as that is best) to taste. Add sugar depending upon your individual likes. You could use artificial sweeteners if you want to cut down on the calories. Add some cool water and drop in a tray of ice to chill it before serving. Mint is highly optional.

Iced tea with lemon
is the perfect summer drink. From ancient times, people have realized the value of drinking tea. It has been used for therapeutic curs for centuries. The main attraction to tea is that when had with out mixing milk, tea is very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very good for our systems as they attract the bad radicals from within our systems.

This reduction helps our immune systems to function at a much better and efficient manner. So drinking this cool concoction of tea and lemon is very good for us especially during summer as it boost our immune systems up.

Green tea which I hope you have heard off has an even higher content of antioxidants than the conventional tea we normally have every day. Drinking green tea is said to help in the detoxification of the skin and is highly recommended for those with irritable skins. In fact, latest studies show that drinking green tea can reduce the chances of you developing cancer. Here again it is all attributed to the affects of the antioxidants that are released into the system when we drink green tea. So you grow resistance to cancer as well as heart diseases.

Green tea is also come to prove very effective in helping you with your oral hygiene. Now this is clearly a plus here. Green tea is rich in fluoride which is responsible in keeping teeth healthy and strong.

Green tea, studies have even shown, helps in reducing the fat levels of the system. So go ahead and check out the many ways you can have a cup of green tea, it may take a week for you to adjust to its different taste, but remember its significant advantages.

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