Taylor Swift


When Taylor Swift first made it to the media she was underage and no one dared to mention her sexiness least of all rate it. Now since she is over 18 she is getting a whole load of publicity and is fast becoming the most read celebrity of Nashville. This hot blonde is definitely going places with her hot looks not to mention her bubbly personality!

Many celebrity publications and the paparazzi are beginning to refer to Taylor as the very toast of Nashville thanks very much to the anthem “Tim McGraw” from her debut album that was titles after herself. Taylor admitted to an interviewer of the press after her first album that was a huge success that she was astounded and did not believe that this kind of success was actually happening to her. She says that she is still to come to terms with reality and cannot understand how her signature on a piece of paper a fan offers her can make such a change to the fan. Well Taylor dear it is early days yet, were you never a fan of some Caleb?

For the rest of the world it is high time they got used to hearing the name Taylor Swift and reading it in news papers and magazines around the world. The swiftness with which Swift has climbed to the top of the ranking of Nashville is going to be talked, and written, about for many years to come. Her first album “Taylor Swift” contains a compilation of 11 songs and is already occupying the 3rd position of the Country Album charts since its release.

Tim owes the success to her hit single ‘Tim McGraw” which has virtually made her a household name in the US. Taylor admits she has a thing about show business be it putting on a sexy new dress or attending an awards show or just sporting a flashy sweater to record in the studio – not to mention stopping by to sign autographs of hundreds of fans who happen to spot heron the way! Go Taylor go!