Take Care Of Your Health: Try Acupuncture


acupuncture Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing process that focuses on certain points of the body to address some ailments. With the wide spread adoption of this medical treatment, it was proven that even people from western countries resort to it for the healing effects that it offers. More than twelve million Americans have already expressed their belief in this ancient healing tradition.

The Chinese belief about acupuncture starts with equating the number of days in a year with the number of points in the body. There are also fourteen meridian lines in the body in which twelve represent the main body organs. Taking these points into consideration, acupuncture allows treatment and healing of specific body organs.

Acupuncture uses Qi, an energy force that is intended to circulate through meridians and channels in the body. The acupuncture points connect body tissue to the organs by means of these meridians.

One of the Chinese beliefs is that Qi should freely flow from within one’s body to stay healthy. If there are disturbances, imbalances are created and can be a cause of future illnesses.

The use of acupuncture methods allows the restoration of the imbalance and allows Qi to freely circulate again.

One of acupuncture’s proven results is pain relief for migraine, back ache, PMS, arthritis and rheumatism and some post-operative pain. The acupuncture process involves the insertion of small needles at the affected points to restore Qi.

Much research has been conducted to support the Chinese concept of Qi, the meridian system and the points representing the various organs of the body, but still no research has reconciled medical truths with this Chinese belief. However, this alternative medicine has been proven to give effective results.

It has been noted that in the practice of acupuncture, a sense of relief is experienced rather than pain. This belies the popular misconception that inserting needles will bring pain instead of relief.

In truth, Acupuncture is painless. If there is a feeling that can be heightened, it is some tingling and numbness in the areas surrounding those where the needles are inserted.

Acupuncture does not have side effects. It has long been proven to improve one’s health condition. Hence, many researchers are focused on studying this traditional method deeply as it has become very popular because of the satisfying results that it gives.

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