Tackle sweaty foot


We are rough and tough and our careless carefree attitude often holds us back. We guys hardly think of foot care. Regular foot care is not only essential to ensure a healthy foot skin but, our dirty foot can also become cause of other’s problem and irritation. Sweaty smelly feet needs care and it is possible for the guys to take precautions to remove the smells with proper foot care. It is prudent to take a quick look at the available solutions to make our foot smell free.

Guidelines to follow
It is very easy to tackle sweaty foot; firstly we need to wash our feet properly with a soap or boy wash. Then use of tree-oil with water helps to reduce the bacteria that cause the odor. If we dip our feet in warm water, it cleans away the skin and the pores become bacteria free. Secondly, many of us have the habit of covering our legs throughout the day. For this often our legs sweat, and to avoid this it is wise to put our shoes off while we work. Staying bare-footed at home can be helpful and our feet can remain dry for a considerable time.

Use of socks
Cotton socks are better than the nylon ones as they allow better perspiration. Synthetic socks cause more sweat and finally odd smells. Nowadays several anti-perspirants are available and use of these can yield good results. There are psychological issues as well and it is worth mentioning that when we men remain under immense work pressure and emotional pressure at home, the sweat glands produce more sweat. So, to get freedom from the sweaty foot it is best to keep our stress level low. So, the solution remains and we can now tackle our sweaty foot much better than before.

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