Suggestions to Stop Smoking


Smoking is very injurious to health. A smoker spoils his own health and he is responsible for spoiling the health of thousands of passive smokers. Many smokers take a vow every day to quit smoking.

But, unfortunately, very few succeed and others return with a cigarette in their hand. But, it is possible to keep up your determination to not smoke, and here are some suggestions:

Get Reminders:

Announce your determination to quit smoking with your loved ones in your house or your colleagues in the office or your close friends. If they see you with a cigarette, they will remind you of your determination. In a way, the reminders are a support for you to quit smoking.

Decide When You Quit Smoking:

Mark the date when you want to quit smoking. Make a firm decision never to smoke from that date. It is like you do not want to see a person who has cheated on you. Cigarettes have cheated you by spoiling your health. So, never see them again.

Think of the days when you had not started smoking. Now, look for the days ahead, the days your lungs are free from the smoke and your mouth becoming free from the bad odor and you starting a new life.

Discard All Cigarette Gadgets:

Never keep ashtrays or lighters in your house. Never keep the lighter in your pocket. By doing this, you are not reminded of smoking. Some even suggest keeping away from the company of smokers.

They even suggest not visiting a bar, because in a bar there are many who smoke and by that you may also become inclined to follow them.

Take To Exercises:

This is one of best approaches to quit smoking. By doing exercises, the body gets much more oxygen. This process will help you to discard the toxins that you had collected as a smoker. By removing the toxins, the cells get healthier

Proper Pranayama:

Pranayama is nothing but a regimen of breathing exercises. There are many breathing exercises to drain out the toxic materials from the body. One of the exercises is to take a deep breath using the mouth instead of the nose.

Hold the breath for some seconds. Thereafter exhale from your nose. This cleans up the lungs and in the process the toxic materials are also drained out.