Stylish Winter Accessories For Men

Winter Accessories For Men

We, as men, change our style, throughout our lives. What we consider trendy or even appropriate, changes as we grow and mature. Sometimes we lose touch with what is stylish and begin to look frumpy or out of date. If you are suffering from this problem, it is not hard to correct what you have been doing wrong.

General Guidelines

There are some general guidelines to follow first.

Match your shoes and belt. This will make you look well coordinated. Spice up your wardrobe with some bright colors and bold prints. Men’s shirts are coming in a wider variety of prints that will say volumes about your personality. Keep it simple. As you stretch out into the world and try new fashions, stick to things that you think you look good in, and do not go too far off into the trendier items. Do not mix and match prints and be sure your colors complement each other. Care for your clothes the way you care for your car. Certain items are timeless. If you care for them properly, you can have them for years to come. So store your clothes appropriately and take them to a dry cleaner.

Winter Guidelines

Here are a few tips to staying stylish throughout the winter.

Try turtlenecks. They keep you warm and look sophisticated. Purchase a stylish winter hat. Even if you want to take it a step further, a hat, glove and scarf set to match your coat will add class to any outfit. Keep a fleece handy. For casual days when you do not want to wear your long overcoat, a fleece is a great way to keep warm. Moreover, they go great under your coat for extra insulation. Wear quality socks that are thick enough to keep your feet warm and keep down sweat. This will increase your comfort level and less perspiration will decrease your chances of athlete’s foot.

Things to Avoid

If you are worried about looking out of date, here are a few things you can remember to avoid.Do not wear white socks. They are only appropriate in the gym; they only look immature and uncomfortable with your dress shoes. Do not mix too many different colors. If you are trying to add an accent of color with an aqua blue tie, you should limit how much other colors you include for the day. Do not go outside with Kleenex for your nose. It looks extremely unattractive and juvenile to have runny nose when outside. Everyone knows the cold causes your nose to run, be prepared for it.