Stretching Exercises With Swiss Ball


Those men keenly attuned to regular fitness programs and exercise schedules are bound to have come across certain instances where their interest levels in the regime have sagged, or they’ve reached a performance plateau or just seem to be unable to muster up the motivation to reach higher goals.

For all these situations, there is a definite solution and it’s called variety! Yes, varying your exercise routine to include new and different styles of working out will not only kill the boredom and encourage you to give in better energy, it can also be applied to warming up, actual program and cooling off segments – all of which are crucial for achieving high fitness levels.

So, why not try out our new set of really swish exercises with the Swiss Ball and increase your levels of flexibility besides get toned up to avoid injuries with a better trained body?

Let’s get started with improving your performance on the exercise floor with the Swiss-Ball Y move: you need to lie face-down on the medicine ball while keeping chest raised from the ball, but with your back flat. Let arms hang downwards while you point your thumbs in front and simultaneously, move shoulder blades backwards and downwards before raising arms outwards so you achieve the ‘Y’ position. Resume star position and repeat 4-6 times the first week; increase reps gradually over the next 3 weeks to get good results from the stretching this enables your muscles to do.

You can also try out another letter of the alphabet with the medicine ball for a good variation to the ball-workout, like the Swiss-Ball T: the start position is similar to the Y, with the exception of the face being forward in this move. Then, proceed to draw in shoulder blades closer in near your spine before lifting arms at the sides for forming ‘T’ with your upper body; resume start position and repeat reps as given in above exercise.