Stop Smoking With Some Great Cessation Tips

Stop Smoking With Some Great Cessation Tips

Stop Smoking With Some Great Cessation Tips “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”. This is the tag that is engraved on each and every pack of cigarettes, but this neither stops the cigarette production nor the cigarette smokers. People smoke in spite of knowing that it is harmful to their health. The main reason behind this is, the habit itself is such that once you start with a small puff, you will soon start craving for more only to realize one fine day that you have become a chain smoker.

Smoking is a kind of slow death. Recent studies show that the rate of deaths caused due to tobacco is considerably high when compared to the deaths caused due to other reasons. Besides its usual ill-effects to the smokers like damage to the lungs, cancers, heart attacks and damage to the body cells and tissues, it also has its impact on the non-smokers who come into contact with this smoke, which is usually known as second hand smoking.

People who realize this generally want to quit.  But this certainly is not as easy as it sounds. Many have tried and failed several times whereas some have been successful in kicking this habit out of their lives forever.

Here are some cessation secrets or rather to say the actual experiences of some of the successful quitters, which have been purposefully compiled and revealed for those who really want to put an end to this dangerous habit. If you are one finding a solution for your problem, you will find the information that is to follow to be much useful.

Some Great Solutions To Get Rid Of Smoking

Get Yourself Motivated

If you genuinely want to stop smoking, first of all give a thought to what made you think of quitting smoking. Think whether you want to quit due to the concern for your health, or for your family, or to set an example and be a good parent or maybe you want to stop smoking just because your boyfriend or girlfriend does not want you to smoke.  Whatever may be the reason, take it as a tool for your motivation. Because once you are motivated you will be committed better.


Next follows the commitment. Though commitment naturally follows motivation, you also have to ensure that your commitment is strong and you do not allow even a bit of leniency to it. It is a natural human tendency to be enthusiastic in the beginning and to gradually lose interest as the time passes by. Hence, stay away from this kind of commitment. You need to be strict to yourself and promise that you will never smoke even a single puff ever in your life again.


So when you are determined to quit smoking, now you have to make a plan.  Because planning will help you know your progress and allow you to quit this habit systematically and without much difficulty.  So, set targets as to how many cigarettes you want to quit per day, how would you increase your quitting gradually and what would you expect after six months or a year.

Get Rid Of Smoking

Also plan the alternate options that you would like to replace to get rid of the smoking urge. You can also plan and list out the names of the people with whom you want to talk to if you feel any difficulty in following your plan. Put whatever you have planned in writing, and paste it in every accessible place.

Inform Your Quitting Plans To Everyone

This of course is important due to two reasons. At the first place, others who are smokers might not insist you and be supportive if they come to know that you are determined in quitting smoking, and the next benefit is that people around you would also prepare themselves to cope with your behavioral or any other changes, which may usually arise due to the effects of quitting.

Quit Slowly

Quitting does not mean stopping to smoke suddenly. This is also impossible. Hence, try to cut the number of cigarettes per day.  Even cutting a cigarette a day would work and you will soon find the difference. Once you get accustomed to it, you can gradually increase the number and within no time you will find that you are smoking no more.

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Divert Your Cravings

The urge for smoking is not that easy to overcome. This is the reason due to which many people fail even after several attempts.  Hence, the best way to get rid of craving for a smoke is to divert it to some healthy habits such as having a snack or juice, or you can also prefer chewing a gum. If you are used to smoking at particular occasions or situations, try avoiding all of them until you are totally free from this habit.

Keep Yourself Busy

Another best way to keep your triggers unnoticed is to keep yourself constantly busy. So, never let youself free and give a chance for the craving to arise.

how to stop smoking

Even if you are stressed, try some other alternatives such as meditation, breathing exercises and running with which you will feel much better and be able to nip off your triggers.

Get Support From The Forums

Joining an online forum for quitters, might help you a lot. You can share your own experiences as well as know what others are doing to quit smoking. It would also be a good place to vent all your feelings, which you might otherwise feel embarrassed to express with your family and friends. Fellow quitters can be of a great help in your tough times.

Try Rewarding Yourself

This of course is a good idea for keeping yourself motivated, and it may also help you in avoiding any deviation from your aim. If you find that you have succeeded in quitting smoking as per your target for a day or a week, get yourself rewarded by the way of your favorite gifts such as a shoes, T-shirts, books, CDs or even an outing for a dinner with your family. You can also try to reward yourself by putting all the money that you might have spent on cigarettes in a reward jar and open it after a determined day. You are sure to celebrate your success.

If You Fail, Start Again

Mistakes are common and they are always committed by humans. So, after climbing all the stairs if you happen to fall down, do not lose heart. Failing once does not mean that you will fail always. Give a fresh start and start again, but never stop trying until you win.

Getting rid of a habit, be it smoking or anything else, is always related to the mind. If you think that you can do it, you can certainly do it. If you think you cannot you could never make it. Hence, think positive and give a try and the rest is success assured.

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