Stay Free By Not Getting Married

Stay Free By Not Getting Married

Stay Free By Not Getting Married So you feel like marriage is a burden? You want to live your life carefree, having no worries and troubles. You want to chase your dreams and indulge in activities that are pleasurable. Getting yourself tied to the bondages of a married life is sure to rob you of this freedom.

Many men in this contemporary practical world are choosing to stay away from marriage. It is not an out of the blue thing to do. There are a lot of advantages in not getting married. Some of these advantages are stated below just to boost your confidence, & to enable you to say no to that prison life.

Be Your Own Boss

You are a free man by not getting married. You don’t have to obey the whims and fancies of your wife. No one will tell you to do things. You can be dirty, unorganized and your rooms can stay messed up. You have the full control over yourself to do whatever you like. Or maybe do nothing, if you prefer that!

Free To Take Decisions

You have planned an adventure trek alone to the dream destination of your life. You get the flight ticket. You plan to have a great time exploring the wonders of nature in the hills. So what happens when your wife hears the news? Ofcourse she blows her fuse and damns you to the pits of hell. “Who will take the garbage out if you are not here?” “Who will wash the dishes after dinner?”

Heck no. You don’t have to listen to any of these. You will be free to take your own decisions. No one to stop you to embark on your journey. You can go to the garage on any fine morning, take the bike out and ride out blowing smoke in the face of responsibilities of a married life.

Increasing Bank Balance

This is the most practical side of not getting married. You are sure to save a lot of money just by avoiding those unnecessary and unwanted bills cropping up due to your wife’s wasteful spending. You do not have to buy expensive gifts just to prove your love.

Stay Free By Not Getting Married

Imagine what you can do with all that saved up money. You will have all your earnings to yourself. That means you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe now you can own that masculine SUV you been eyeing for quite some time!

Free To Love

One woman to live with for the whole of your life? Love is sure to fly out some time sooner or later. Don’t be tied to someone just for the cause of staying together. There is no meaning in a relationship if the love has faded away. Not having a wife will enable you to love freely, love anyone you feel like.

You will not be cheating anyone. No one to question you, no one to convince your honesty to. You can be with anyone as long as you want and come out when things don’t work out. You can always go for a live in relationship if you want a steady thing.

Let’s hope the above mentioned points will help you to stay away from those shackles that come in the name of marriage. Enjoy a free life, enjoy the moments of freedom that being single brings along with it.

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