Squat Variations


squat-variations They say the squat is the king of all movements for building of the legs. The squat is very good for developing the glutes and the hamstrings, not forgetting the quad muscles. They will also help in working the lower back and no matter what kind of squat you finally do it will surely help those abs of yours. Many people do not realize just how good the squats exercise is but I strongly recommend it as one that you include in your work out. It would be incorrect to just do the standard squat. There are many variations you can try. We will tell you of two types that you could try and see the difference it will do to your legs.

Just a small word of caution and that is never to mix up your squat exercise on the same day. You could if you wish alternate them when ever you are doing squats as each one uses the muscles in a slightly different manner. This will give you in fact a much better muscle development over all. Which ever one you pick for the day do two or three sets of at least 8 squats. If this is the first time, you are starting out use weights that are manageable. A good idea would be to place a stool or bench behind you. This is for you to get an idea just how low you are going. It will also act as a help in case you are unable to manage the weight. If you get unbalanced, you can use the bench to support you.

The first one is the back squat. This works the quads as well as the glutes. With the barbell held just across your upper back, lift the weights and move a step away from the holding bars. Lean just that little bit forward to counter balance the weight. Make sure you are breathing comfortably. Now lower your hips as if you are going into a sitting position(remember the bench I mentioned above, here’s where it will help by telling you just how far to go down). Come up. That is one full movement. For starters, as I said do 8-10 in one set. Do two sets at the most for at least two weeks. Then you increase the sets to a 12-16 set.

The hack squat is different in as much the weights are held behind the body just at the hip area. This is the more advanced form of squats and should not be done by beginners to squats. An important thing while doing squats is to keep you face up and looking forward. In the end, I may add that learn to inhale as you go down and exhale when you come up. This will keep your body fully oxygenated while you work out.