Spot The Signs To Know A Woman Is Seducing You

Spot The Signs To Know A Woman Is Seducing You

Spot The Signs To Know A Woman Is Seducing You Trying to seduce someone who seems interesting or irresistible is applicable for both men and women. The only difference is that women use more subtle ways of seducing men while men mostly express their intention quite bluntly. Women sometimes are so subtle in their ways that the men they are trying to seduce are often left unsure whether they are interpreting it right or if they are reading too much into the signs given by the women.

It is true that certain behavior of women can confuse a man of the actual intentions. But if a woman is actually trying to seduce a man then a specific set of signs or hints will surely be present in her behavior or attitude. Here we will discuss about those sure shot signs that will make it clear that a woman is trying to seduce you.

Body Language

Yes, body language is the best way to read a person’s mind when the person is not expressing his/her thoughts or intentions in words. Women mostly use nonverbal ways of seduction. Very few women will actually tell you in words that they are interested in or attracted to you. Hence, body language gains all the more importance. So notice and find out if she is mirroring your words and actions, if her arms are open and legs are uncrossed. These are sure signs of her liking you and getting attracted to you. If these signs are added to the other signs listed below, then she is surely trying to seduce you.

Flirtatious Speaking And Behavior

Flirting by words or behavior, using double meaning words while conversing, laughing a lot, talking seductively are all distinct signs of seduction. The tone or voice of a woman will also change while speaking to a man she is trying to seduce.

Her Looks And Eye Movement

What she looks at or how she looks at can indicate about her motives to you. If she is maintaining continuous eye contact with you, concentrates on looking at you only and not at the entire room or the crowd present there, checks you out while you are talking to her, you can be sure that she has only one intention in her mind – seducing you.

The “Touch” Factor

Seducing by touching can be of three kinds. In the first kind she seduces you by touching herself, in the second type she touches you and in the last and most clear type she makes you touch her. She may try to attract you to herself and her body by touching herself a lot. Touching herself doesn’t mean that she will involve in some obscene or restricted kind of movement in front of you. She may simply touch or rub her arm slightly, fondle or play with her hair, touch her neck or other parts of her body.

She may also try to get closer to you physically by sitting very close to you, leaning on you, touching you by pretexts or making it seem accidental. How far she goes in touching you depends entirely on how bold the lady is. And the last type of touch, i.e., making you touch her is a step taken by the boldest women. This surely is a sign of seduction which even the dumbest man would understand.

Exposing Physical Features

We all know that men are turned on by what they see. So a woman trying to seduce you will try to attract you to herself by exposing herself to you. Now, how much she exposes again depends on how bold she is and how good your luck is.

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