Spiky Hairstyles For Men

Spiky Hairstyles

Just like women, men too have started experimenting with their hairstyles and try out various types of colours, braids, straightened and curled styles on their hair to give it a different and stylish look. Earlier they would only be engrossed in wearing fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories but now they have started paying a lot of attention to their hair as well.

Spiky Hairstyles

One hairstyle that has become increasingly popular with men is that of spikes which originated amongst Hollywood stars and has reached the common man lately. These spiky hairstyles can be easily achieved and makes men quite popular amongst women. This kind of a hairstyle gives you a bold look and portrays to the world that you are capable of doing something unique and different.

Owning a spiky look makes you look elegant and appealing. The best part about these hairstyles is that you can experiment various types of spikes within minutes and when you get bored of them you can change them a little and get an absolutely different look.

In order to make your spiky hair look their best, it is important for you to clean shave the hair on your face or else they will combine with the spikes on your head to give you a somewhat wild look. You should surely try out one of the spiky hairstyles and see for yourself how good you look in them.

Spiky Hairstyles Tips For Men


One of the most common and popular spiky hairstyle is Mohawk. In this style, both the sides of the head are shaved and a strip which is around an inch or two in size is left uncut on the centre portion of the head. 

Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

You can use variety in this style by including more than a strip but do not use more than 4 strips or it will spoil the look of the style. Most people prefer to wear this style in a single strip to get that trendy look. The hair needs to stand up very evenly to get the desired look and it should be carefully separated into different spikes.

Emo Hair

When your hair is cut with the help of a razor in an uneven fashion and it leaves fringes in the front portion of your head, it is known as emo hair. These fringes hang down in such a manner that they cover one of your eyes entirely.

A person can experiment this spiky hairstyle in various ways and introduce spikes in various patterns when going for this kind of a hairstyle. This style is more popular amongst young men who either spike all their hair or sometimes create different patterns of rows of spikes.


This hairstyle is a little similar to Mohawk but the difference lies in the fact the hair on both the sides of the head are not shaven off completely. In this style, the hair on the sides is cut to a shorter length while the strip of hair in the centre is left long.


The long hair is then made into spikes using a pattern of fan or liberty which are quite similar to that of Mohawk. This spiky hairstyle is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays as men do not need to shave their head to own this style but just cut it shorter instead.


This hairstyle is given the name because after the spikes are formed they stand up on the head like that of the quills of a porcupine. The hair should be absolutely straight to achieve this look. The spikes created in this style are much smaller than those in liberty style and are much more in number.

What sets it apart from others is that in this style random spikes are used all over the head instead of those in a single strip. This kind of a hairstyle is very loud in itself and that is the reason that not many people opt for it easily.

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Flat Top

Very few men actually opt for this spiky hairstyle as it is a little difficult to achieve and you will have to get a crew cut done prior to getting these spikes. In this style, the side portion and the back portion of your hair are cut very short in size with the top portion being a little longer than it.

The front is evened out and trimmed in such a way that the top portion becomes uniform in size and gives a neat look. Care should be taken while trimming to ensure that hair is just about short so that it can stand up with the spikes all over the top.

Punk Hair

This hairstyle can be used in a number of ways with the Mohawk being the pioneer in this style. You can alter this style by twisting your hair prior to forming the spikes or put all your hair together and make set of spikes which are messy and hap hazard.

Punk Hair

The best part about this style is that you do not have to set your hair in any proper manner and just the presence of spikes is enough to get you going.

Wave Style

In this style, the spikes form wave like designs on the hair. Here the hair is trimmed so that one side of the hair is cut extremely short, the centre is left long and the other side is of the size between the two. The hair is parted onto one side and then the spikes are created to make a wave like formation from one side to the other.

In order to create this spiky hairstyle, you may need the help of a hair stylist as it is not easy to cut the hair in the perfect manner. All these spiky hairstyles can change the way you look, but it is very important to be confident about what you are doing to your hair and analyze how it will look on your face before you actually get a hairstyle done.

If you opt for a style and it doesn’t suit your face, you might have to wait for a while before your hair grows back to it normal size and you can change the style.