Spice Plus Kiss Equals Hot Sex


The art of kissing is delicate, and it needs to be practiced. The kiss begins to open a door to bigger and better things, if your perspective mate finds it to be sensual. The tips below will certainly add spice to your next love making session.

The soft kiss: This sweet soft kiss you provide to him is a teasing, light, sensual kiss. It is a preview of things to come. Use a lightly flavored lip gloss for him to enjoy after the kiss is gone.

The Sensual Kiss: Next time the two of you snuggle up together, put your eye right next to his cheek or neck and let your eyelashes brush over his skin. This is well known as the butterfly kiss. This is very sensual and is also a preview of what’s to come.

The Sweet Kiss: Rub some chocolate on your lips, or some other sweet treat before you kiss him. It may get a little messy, but between two tongues the two of you should be able to clean that right up!

Cold Kisses: hold an ice chip in your mouth and get it really icy cold. Surprise him with an unexpected kiss in a sensual place, any where from his ear lobe to his toes. Slipping him a frozen tongue can be a real turn on, especially when you gently twirl it around the head of his penis. French kissing with a very cold mouth is a very sensual twist also. The two of you can take turns passing the ice cube back and forth until it melts away.

Lap Kisses:
Have your partner lie down with his head in your lap. Kiss him upside down placing your bottom lip on his top lip. Spice it up more by turning them to French kisses. This is a fantastic way to begin foreplay.

Kissing Train: Create a pathway of kisses from his head to his toes. You can move down one side and up the other, adding a little lick or nibble as you go. Be careful not to touch any of his sexual organs until both of you can no longer take the teasing.

Belly Kisses: Lightly kiss the belly button and surrounding area with damp kisses followed by gentle blows of air to cool him off. Belly kisses that slowly drift off to his sides will likely bring giggles, making this foreplay even more fun.

French Kisses: French kissing is kissing with the tongue. It is probably the most popular kiss among lovers. Try these variations for some extra spice. Begin your French kiss with his mouth closed. Use your tongue to outline his lips. Use your tongue to gently part his lips as you slip him your tongue. As you get going you can lick his lips, lick his teeth, and suck his tongue. Take your tongue on an exploring expedition in his mouth.

The art of kissing is delicate, and it needs to be practiced. The kiss begins to open a door to bigger and better things,