Speed Up Weight Loss By Slowing Down


If weight management has been the bane of your existence till now and you find yourself wondering just how your buddies keep trim even when they seem to eat more than you (and sometimes, for longer than you, judging by the time they spend at the dining table), learn ways to speed up your weight loss goals, right here.

We have expert diet and nutritionists giving practical and scientifically proven tips on how you can actually speed up your weight loss goals by learning about areas you can slow down. Confused? Don’t be, for simply by cutting out on an appetizer before a dinner out when on a diet and by avoiding late night meals before hitting the sack and a few other workable weight loss tactics, you can get on top of the problem of the battle of the bulge.

Latest health updates reveal that learning to absorb all the flavours of the food you intake and ‘savour a meal’ is essential to delaying the amount you eat and since you focus on how and what you are eating, you are too taken up with the abstract part of your diet to ever over-eat or eat wrong. So, you end up enjoying all the real benefits of a good, nutritious meal and minus out mechanized habits of simply ‘fuelling up with grub.’

Thus, slowing down on your dietary intake and during meal times is all about giving more thought to the experience of learning the true value of good food and taking time to appreciate finer aspects of your serving, i.e. its aroma, appearance, flavouring as well as the texture of the food so you enhance the satisfaction of consuming it to a higher level and are mentally satiated besides being ‘filled up.’

You can avoid yo-yo eating or food binges by educating yourself about desirable dietary behaviour and appreciating your food and making it a sensory experience that feeds your body and soul. This approach is called Meditative Eating and is simple, yet effective for overcoming challenges of over-eating, calorie control and managing weight problems.

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