Spa Facial Tips For Men

Spa Facial Tips For Men

Spa Facial Tips For Men Spa facials are no longer meant only for women as with the change in lifestyle patterns, many men are opting for spa facial treatments to rejuvenate their skin and make it glow. Just as spa facials are designed uniquely for women, they are now being formulated in such a manner that they cater to all the needs of a man. They are being especially designed to soothe their rough and tough skin.

A man’s skin often becomes very rough and sensitive after a shave or a cut which is caused by a razor. Many men need to spend a lot of time under the sun on a daily basis which tans their skin. Special spa facials have been invented which help men remove such tans and give way to fresh skin.

Also, problems like sweat, acne, aging problems is becoming very common amongst men and to counter these men have started opting for various types of spa facials.  Such spa facials cleanse the skin and also moisturize, exfoliate and tone the skin to a great extent.

Spa facials can be done both at home and massage centers depending on your budget and the kind of treatment you are looking at. It is very important to remember that the products used for men’s spa facials are very different from that of women. Thus it is good to know some basic tips and guidelines before getting such spa facials done.

Tips For Spa Facial For Men

Taking an Appointment

If you are the kind of person who likes to get things done professionally, it is best to take an appointment for a spa facial at a renowned salon. You should take the appointment for such a day when you are relatively free and relaxed and can enjoy the facial with ease. It is always better to arrive a little early for your appointment so that you can unwind yourself with the complimentary steam or sauna rooms that many salons offer along with the spa facial.

Shaving before a Spa Facial 

It is very important for you to shave properly before going for a spa facial. This will help the products that are being used on your face to penetrate properly into your skin’s pores and you will get maximum benefits from the facial session.

Spa Facial Tips

You can shave 3 hours before the spa facial so that your skin does not feel irritated because of the products used on it.

Take a Shower

Before you start with your spa facial it is advisable to take a shower and get that feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It will not only help you enjoy the spa facial even better but also make a positive impact on the person who will give you the facial and he will enjoy giving you the desired service.

Use of Anti-oxidants

Spa facials use a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E and certain antioxidants which repairs the skin which has been damaged thoroughly. The entire process involves 3 or 4 steps which begin with cleaning, moves on to exfoliating or scrubbing and finally moisturizing along with toning. They make the skin look and feel younger, fresher and cleaner after the whole spa facial is over.

Cleaning Acne

Spa facials which are designed exclusively to remove acne are one of the most common facials nowadays.

Facial Tips For Men

Though they use ingredients which are very strong, they have been proven to be quite effective in cleaning up jammed pores and giving way to healthy skin. In order to get the optimum benefit from such facials, one should repeat it twice every week for a minimum of 2 months.


Many spa facials make use of aromatherapy in their facials to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to the client. Aromatherapy works wonders for the senses and really well when combined with other specialized creams, scrubs which exfoliate the skin or packs made out of natural products.

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Talk to the Therapist

While getting a spa facial done you should not hesitate in talking to the person who is giving you the facial. You should discuss what kind of a skin you possess, if there are any injuries on your skin or if you are facing any sort of a chronic problem which may be cured with the help of the facial. This will help the therapist to understand your skin better and he will be able to give you a facial which will best suit your needs.

Stay Away From the Sun

If our skin is exposed to the skin on a regular basis for long hours, it is possible that it will result in the skin becoming dry and sensitive and it may also have a dehydrating effect on the skin.

Tips For Men

Thus it is of utmost importance not to expose the skin to the sun on the day the spa facial is done. You may also avoid the sun for the next day as well. Even if you have to go under the sun later on, be sure to use a sunscreen lotion at all times.

Natural Spa Facials

Another alternative is to make facial packs at home and apply them on the face to get fresh and healthy skin very easily. One of the best facial packs is that of sandal wood mixed together with neem to form a paste. This pack should be applied on the face and left on it for 40 minutes after which the face should be washed. This paste is very effective in reducing pimples and acne from the face.

Another very popular facial pack is that of besan flour mixed with half cup curd which is absolutely chilled. The pack should be left on the face for half an hour after which a little bit of extra curd should be used to massage the face. After another half an hour, wash the face properly.

It will make the skin become really soft and do away with excess oil on your face. If chilled curd in unavailable, one may use chilled milk instead for similar results. After applying the pack you may also take some steam to make the facial even more effective.