Skin Growths


Many men are worried about having unwanted skin growths; they lose sleep over how risky these could be for their health.  But, there are some kinds of skin growths that are very universally found in many men, so these needn’t be cause for concern. Therefore, you need know which ones are not hazardous for you so can avoid the unnecessary stress over these.

In this article, we discuss the most general categories of skin growths, which are harmless and how to treat them.

Skin tags are the first type and are very common. These skin growths are visible as little pieces of flesh hanging on the skin. They take place naturally in the groin folds, on the neck, in the underarms area besides eyelids. Reason for a skin tag developing is mainly skin chafing.

Normally these do not cause you any health problems if you do not continually irritate them e.g. by pulling or scratching at them; then they can become necrotic or bleed. A good solution for clearing skin tags is to try burning them; you can also opt for surgery or freezing them.

The second type of skin growths that are very common and harmless are Boils; these begin as red and tender areas but may enlarge and turn white as pus gathers under the skin. Boils occur from skin illness that creates an oil gland to pus or may develop in a hair follicle. Bacteria Staphylococcus is the major reason of boils.

Boils generally do not need instant medical attention, but if your health is poor, or you suffered from sudden chills and high temperature, then go immediately for medical attention as this denotes bacteria attack in your bloodstream. (If some boils occur in the shape of a group it called a carbuncle).

You can be free of boils by following our tips: this is a home remedy and very effective. At the outset of boils use a heat pack or soak these in hot water to help fight infection and raise circulation. If boil is festering, big and pus-filled, draining the boil can help. It may be safer to go to a health expert for the draining; you may also need “Antibiotics” to rid yourself of the infection.

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