Skin Care For Men – Have You Jumped on Board Yet?

Skin Care For Men

Skin care is not something that a man thinks about often. When shaving, he is more interested in getting rid of the excess hair as quickly as possible. After shaving, he may splash on some aftershave, preferably with a strong alcoholic base that gives him the sensation that he has shaved.

Part of the Daily Routine

A man should be aware that shaving is just one part of his daily grooming routine however, because skin care is also important. The act of shaving is beneficial because the razor blade also exfoliates the skin while removing excess hair. The rest of the face also needs a daily exfoliation because it is also exposed to the dust and exhaust fumes in the streets. A daily routine of shaving, followed by exfoliation should be a part of every man’s life.

Important Items

There are certain items that should always be in the bathroom, which is where most of a man’s daily grooming routine takes place. In first place is his shaving apparatus, which should always be sharp. A good shaving cream comes next, with his choice of cream, gel or soap. Some products are advertised as having special compounds to facilitate shaving but the only quality needed is to be able to produce a good lather. Next in order of importance is a good after shave. This should contain an antiseptic that would neutralize any infections. Some after shave also contain a moisturizer that helps to protect the newly shaved skin.

The Art of Shaving

Shaving is much more than the simple application of shaving cream and use of the razor. The hair to be removed should first be softened by the application of a warm towel. Next, the cream or gel should be applied generously and then left for a minute or two to allow the ingredients to do its work. The razor should then be applied, shaving in the direction of hair growth. This will ensure an even shave and will also prevent razor bumps or hairs that grow inwards.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer

A facial cleanser or exfoliant should also be used as part of one’s daily routine. This will aid in getting rid of dead skin, removing excess oils that can clog the pores and prevent the skin from getting rid of toxins. It will also prepare the skin for the application of a moisturizer or sunscreen. A moisturizer should contain the antioxidant, and vitamins A, C and E which can prevent skin aging and help to maintain its youthful appearance. A sunscreen, which should contain an SPF factor of at least 15, is one of the primary aids in keeping a youthful skin.