Simple Treatments For Leg Calf Pain

Leg Calf Pain

Leg Calf Pain A pain in the calf region of our legs can occur due to various reasons. This kind of a pain is more common in a sportsperson or a worker who has to lift heavy items and move from one place to another. The pain that we experience is the result of a strained or pulled muscle or ligament.

The pain generally starts from the tendons in the ankles, reach the calf muscles and even affect the shin bones in our legs. However, it is very easy to cure these leg calf pains using simple methods of treatment. You can use these treatments at home and the pain gets completely cured without having the need of going to a doctor.

Treatments For Leg Calf Pain

Cold and Hot Packs

You can apply a cold and hot pack alternately on your paining calf muscles as this will not only reduce the pain but also give you relief from the inflammation alongside.

Cold pack

Ice helps to reduce the blood flow in the affected area, thus lessening the pain. Apply heat packs after a gap of 15 to 20 minutes which again increases the blood flow and heals the area.


The most simple and easiest way to treat a leg calf pain is by taking complete rest for 3 to 4 days after the pain develops. This ensures that the pain does not increase and that the swelling reduces quickly. You should refrain from picking up heavy items or walking long distances when experiencing this kind of a pain.


After having taken initial rest, start stretching your legs muscles 2 to 3 times a day. By stretching regularly, you will be able to loosen up those muscles and joints which have become tight and prepare them to become active once again.


Start with basic stretching exercises and move onto advanced ones. Doing simple leg exercises will increase the flow of blood in your legs and help you recover rapidly.


You can take the help of an experienced masseur and ask him to massage the painful area with essential oils, once every day. This will help to relax the tightened and stressed out muscles.

Elevate your legs

Another simple method to reduce calf pain is by elevating your legs above the heart region as this helps in reducing the swelling. Lie down on the bed and place your legs over 3 to 4 pillows which have been placed one over the other. Try to sleep in this position at night also if it is convenient for you.

Elastic Bandage

You should wrap the affected area with a secured elastic bandage as it ensures that the affected muscles stay in one place and the injury does not increase.

Elastic Bandage

Open the bandage from time to time, so that blood clots do not form and leave the area open for an hour or so before tying the bandage again.


Medicines like ibuprofen have anti-inflammatory properties in them and help to reduce the pain almost instantly. Take 2 to 3 pills during the whole day till the pain starts to vanish and your legs start recovering.

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