Signs That Tell You Your Girlfriend Is Bored With You

Signs That Tell You Your Girlfriend Is Bored With You

Signs That Tell You Your Girlfriend Is Bored With You Romantic relationships and matters of the heart are very delicate. They need to be nourished properly or else there is a big risk of weakening or fading of the relationship. It may happen that one of the partners in a relationship is still very much concerned or interested in the relationship but the other partner has simply lost his/her interest.

Losing interest in a relationship happens mostly when one of the two starts getting bored, either of the relationship or with the partner. So, if you are in a romantic relationship and doubt that your girlfriend has lost interest in you or she is bored of you, then try to find these signs in your relationship and discover the truth.

Signs Present In Communication

Communication is always the most important key in any relationship. Romantic relationships are not much different in this case as communication is equally important in romantic relationships. If your girlfriend is bored with you, then you will find these common and noticeable signs of boredom while communicating with her.

She will not show much interest in starting a conversation with you but will go with the flow. She will also not be much interested in what you are saying which will be evident by her blank expressions or her being lost in some other world while you are speaking to her. She will also entertain calls in between the conversation with you and will be happy to start a full on chat on the phone.

It may also be that instead of speaking to you she calls up other people while she is out with you. She uses the words “again?”, “not again” and “really?” quite often while talking to you. While the first two mean that she is tired of the repetitions, the last one is mentioned to bring something new and interesting out of you.

She may also become quieter than she used to be earlier and may become easily irritated at you or your words. She may become very critical about you, your ways and your words. Starting fights often without any valid reason will also be a noticeable sign of her lost interest in you.

In such a case, your calls will be less answered and she may even take time to respond to your calls and messages. If she misses your calls then she will not bother to give you a call back.

The Dates And Meetings

If your girlfriend is bored of you and is no more interested in you then she will avoid meeting you or going out with you. If needed, she will take the help of excuses to avoid going out with you. If she meets you then she will not seem much excited or enthusiastic. Though, she may look much excited when you tell her that you will be out of town for sometime for some work or business matter.

She will start remaining busy, spend more time with her friends and will always have less time for you. She will suggest that you spend more time with your own friends instead of meeting up with her. It will always be you who will make plans to meet her and she will never show much interest to plan and meet you.

Changes In Her Behavior

There will be many noticeable changes in her behavior or attitude towards you. She will refrain from any PDA (Public Display of Affection). But this is a sign of her boredom in you and the relationship only if she was into PDA earlier and now she is not. You will also find a lack of eye contact in this case.

Signs That Tell You Your Girlfriend Is Bored With You

She will not create or maintain eye contact because mostly she will be lost in some other thought (probably of some other and more interesting person). If you forget or miss her birthday, the anniversary of your first meeting or when you proposed to her or any such other date which had been important to her earlier, she will not fight with you or be upset with you for that.

Women like to remember and celebrate different dates which are relevant to her and her life. They get mad at their partners for forgetting the dates. But when you find that your forgetting any such “important” date is having no effect on her, then she is surely too much bored with you and has given up on the relationship.

Asking For Space Or A “Break”

If she tells you that she needs some space in the relationship or that she is taking a break from the relationship then you can assume that the matter is too serious and may even be beyond repair. Not that asking for space is always a sign of trouble in the relationship or a break-up in the near future.

She may need some time, and space, to sort out some personal or emotional problems which may have been bothering her for sometime. The problems that she wants to sort out during this time may not be related to you too. But if she wants a break from you and the relationship, then it surely is a sign of trouble. She must be too tired and bored of you and your relationship. Asking for a break is mostly a sign of a break-up.

Physical Relation Between You And Her

Consider what sort of a physical rapport do you share with her. Has the intimacy between you two reached a phase of non-existence? Does she show no interest in getting close to or intimate with you? Well, this is a sure sign of her disinterest in you which reflects in her lack of intimacy with you.

It may also happen that she has suddenly begun wanting more physical affection from you of a different or higher level. She may also reveal her willingness to experience new things or ways of physical intimacy with you. If it is so, then be sure that she is bored with you and is trying to revive things through intimacy.