Signs & Symptoms Of Brain Cancer

symptoms of brain cancer

symptoms of brain cancer Brain cancer does not bear symptoms always. And when symptoms do appear, they are found to vary to a large extent from person to person. The variation of the symptoms depends on factors like location of the cancer in the brain, advancement or stage of the cancer, etc.

The symptoms found in brain cancer are also not unique and may resemble the symptoms of many other diseases. Early symptoms are almost absent in most cases of brain cancer. If they appear in the initial stages of the cancer development then that is due to some particular reasons.

Many times, however, even if symptoms appear in a patient of brain cancer, they are so subtle or gradual that they are ignored both by the affected individual as well as his family members. Though, sometimes the symptoms are very prominent and hence get noticed faster. The common symptoms of brain cancer are mentioned here for your information.

Headaches are the most common among all the symptoms of brain cancer. These headaches are more severe during the morning time or may become worse if the person lies down. The person may also suffer from nausea and/ or vomiting. Nausea and vomiting may be found more commonly during morning time.

A person developing brain cancer may have speech difficulty along with difficulty in many other areas like walking and thinking. The vision of a person may also get affected if the person is having brain cancer.

The person may be troubled by blurred vision, double vision, decreased vision and loss of peripheral vision. A person may also experience hallucinations in brain cancer. Apart from vision problems, a person suffering from brain cancer may also have hearing problems.

Seizures are also common symptoms of brain cancer. The person may experience numbness or a tingling sensation in arms and/or legs. Weakness in arms and legs is also quite common in brain cancer. Muscle twitching or spasms also occur to many patients of brain cancer. Other than these, lack of coordination, impairment of motor skills, problem in balancing and stumbling are also not uncommon in brain cancer.

The mental status of a person suffering from brain cancer also goes through a transformation. Difficulty or changes in concentration, difficulty in remembering things, memory loss, inability to remain alert and attention problems may occur in brain cancer.

The person may be unable to perform simple mental tasks like simple calculations. There may also be rapid changes in emotions of the person coupled with emotional instability.

Some patients of brain cancer experience dizziness, lethargy, weakness and a general feeling of being unwell. Weakness in one particular side of the body may also hint at brain cancer development.

There may also be Hydrocephalus and brain swelling in brain cancer. A noticeable change in the personality of the person may also occur. The person may also suffer from behavioral and cognitive problems.

Often, the pupils of the eyes of a patient of brain cancer are found to be of different sizes. This can be one of the noticeable signs of the disease.

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