Signs of Cheating

Signs of Cheating

It all starts with a niggling emotion in your gut. Finding out whether your partner is actually cheating on you or not can be quite difficult. Sometimes you may wonder that something about your relationship is going wrong and sometimes it may feel that few subtle changes are causing you to overreact but finding out the truth is sometimes imperative.

If you are experiencing noticeable transformation in the way your partner treats you and other things in environment, it is time to make sure that your partner is not seeing someone else secretly. It is important that you identify the signs of cheating before you make any accusations.

Emotionally and physically Withdrawn

It’s true that relationship do not actually follow a linear path. There are good and bad times in all relationships. There will be times when you will feel more connected to your partner than other days. But if you notice significant changes in behavior of your partner and it seems as if your partner is more emotionally and physically distant to you, then there are chances that someone else too is in the picture.

Becomes Increasingly Unavailable

If your significant other has started staying away from home and it is getting difficult to reach him/her by phone while he/she is not home, then it’s time that you speculate. You must watch if your partner spends late night at office or a sudden need to travel for business has come up. These are the signs that your partner could be cheating on you. It is important that you pay close attention and try to find out from his/her friends and colleagues about the unavailability.

Secretive Cell Phone Habits

It’s okay if your partner sometimes feels the need to leave the room to carry out your private phone call but if you feel that your partner has started becoming more and more secretive about his phone calls and messages and he always leaves the room to answer calls, then it could be a sign of cheating.

Less Sex

Sex is a great way to foster strong emotional bonds in love and marriage relationship. In case your partner is enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship other than your relationship with him, he/she may not find it interesting to nurture a sexual relationship with you. It is time that you check if your partner is cheating on you.