Signs And Symptoms Of Acute Anemia

Signs and Symptoms of Acute Anemia

When a person suffers from anemia, the number of red blood cells in his body reduces in number and become quite less than they actually should be. Anemia is a disease which can be divided into two categories, namely, chronic and acute. Acute anemia indicates a huge drop in the amount of red blood cells which is caused because of a hemolysis or severe hemorrhage. A person may need to be treated immediately when diagnosed with such an anemia.

Signs and Symptoms of Acute Anemia

Newborn children often suffer from acute anemia as they face birth trauma. Also when teenage girls start their menstrual cycle, they might experience heavy bleeding which may lead to acute anemia. They may also become anemic if they do not receive proper nutrition in their growing years. Genes also play a role in acute anemia and people whose blood does not clot as it should, due to genetic conditions, may also suffer from acute anemia.

Transfusion of blood is considered to be one of the first ways to treat acute anemia if it occurs, because the person is suffering from gastrointestinal blood loss. A doctor needs to be very careful when performing a blood transfusion for his patient because there is a lot of risk involved in this process.

Transmissions of disease along with incompatibility with the host are the common risks which may give rise to serious complications after the transfusion. It is very important to understand the signs of symptoms of anemia in the first place so that one can immediately diagnose the disease and treat it effectively.

Symptoms Of Acute Anemia

Feeling Tired and Exhausted

When a person suffers from acute anemia, he feels tired and exhausted at all times and may be unable to indulge in simple day-to-day activities.

Signs of Acute Anemia

Such kinds of patients are very prone to falling at any place and a feeling of dizziness surrounds them. They have almost no energy inside them and are unable to move around much.

Pale Skin

People who suffer from acute anemia look extremely pale and white. When you look at an acute anemic patient, you will realize that just by the outward appearance, you are able to make out how deficient the person is in blood.

Problem in Breathing

Acute anemia patients find it very difficult to breathe in general and may need to be given oxygen masks when it becomes very difficult for them to breathe. They may also feel breathless if they move around a little, even if it is in the house and may need to rest for prolonged periods to reduce the shortness of breath.

Pain in the Chest

Such kinds of patients experience a lot of pain in their chest from time to time and may need to consult a doctor immediately. This kind of a pain can prove to be fatal and the person may need t be hospitalized at any given point of time.

Symptoms of Acute Anemia

It is strongly advisable to let such patients rest as much as possible and ensure that they do not undergo even a little bit of stress. Heart failure has been noticed in some patients even after being hospitalized and being given instant medical help.

Cold Hands And Feet

The hands and feet of such a person remain cold when compared to the rest of the body. Other people may not be able to hold their hands for very long. This is one of the earliest signs and symptoms of acute anemia and a person should seek immediate help on noticing them.

Irregular Heart Beat

The patient experiences irregular heart beat at times. If you feel the heart beat of an acute anemic patient, you are sure to realize that his heart beat is much faster than the normal heart beat that we have.


Headache is one of the most common symptoms of acute anemia. However, this kind of headache is not normal and such headaches are very severe in nature.

Acute Anemia

No matter how much you massage the forehead or give the patient painkillers, such a headache does not go away and causes a lot of discomfort for the person.

Concentration and Thinking Problems

Such problems are very common amongst acute anemia patients. They are unable to concentrate on a single thing for a long time and may have issues in relating to or thinking about something immediately. They may also find it difficult to memorize things they have just seen or heard and forget about it all easily. Patients experience such kind of problems in the early stages of acute anemia. They should consult a specialist and take all measures to treat their anemia at the earliest.

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Cramps in Leg

These patients get a lot of cramps in their legs and no matter how many measures are taken to reduce the cramps and lessen the pain; they do not go away and make the person feel extremely uncomfortable. These cramps take place more at night. Such patients should keep their feet uncovered at night and avoid using heavy blankets. Even if they do use the blankets, the feet area should be left uncovered so that they do not point downwards.


Insomnia is a condition in which the person finds it very difficult to fall asleep. Even if he does, he is unable to sleep for the normal duration that all humans generally do, to reduce the whole day’s tiredness and refresh the mind.

Acute Anemia Symptoms

Acute anemia patients becomes insomniac as the condition of the patient worsens, if he has been suffering from the problem since a long time. They may be unable to sleep for days at a stretch.

Urine Color

The color of the urine which such patients pass out is reddish brown in color and may or may not be accompanied with a foul odor. They may also need to urinate frequently or may be unable to control their urine for even a short period of time. This kind of a symptom is found in the later stages when the acute anemia has become very severe and may become fatal for the person.

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