Signs And Solutions For Jealousy


Have you been wondering whether lately you’ve been suffering from frequent anxiety attacks, been more vulnerable to stress or been accused by your woman of being bitten by the green-eyed monster? Then you need to know the signs and symptoms of a jealousy attack are very similar to that of the panic attack; so, you better take timely measures to control this destructive emotion before it destroys your love life.

Feeling low-spirited e.g. like when your girl dances with another man and you actually experience more under-arm perspiration than normal, its because the aporcrine and eccrine glands contained in your CNS (central nervous system) are working overtime to cool you down from the excessive sweatiness.

Another telling sign of jealousy is a heavy pounding in your heart caused by a rush of adrenaline, which comes to the fore when your protective instincts are aroused (e.g. you see her with strange men or your pals flirting/teasing her). If the feeling lingers, then you need to get counselling for your jealousy because it can cause a black rage and uncontrollable temper if left untreated. And, no healthy love relation can function under a cloud of jealousy and overpowering behaviour as would result from uncontrolled sudden out-bursts later, if you just keep it all in initially.

So, learn to breathe easy and consult with a relationship expert about your feelings. Applying relaxation techniques when a jealousy attack occurs helps reach more air to the trachea from the alveoli in your lungs so the agitated breathing is eased and you get a sense of calm. Or, make that proposal and get married as studies by Yale students have found married couples are thirty per cent less prone to feeling jealousy regularly as compared to dating singles.

Furthermore, researchers at Georgia University have found that during a jealousy attack, men experience symptoms similar to stress-attacks: their amygdala (brain-part dealing with emotions) senses a threat, putting the body in alert-mode, which releases a tension-hormone called norepinephrine; this may cause undue fear and anger, which should be immediately controlled. The solution to this is to focus on your intimate times; happy memories restore faith and let you rest easy.

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