Signs A Friendship Is Turning Into Love

Signs A Friendship Is Turning Into Love

Signs A Friendship Is Turning Into Love Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. We often hear people say that the one criteria their partners must fulfill is to be friends with them. Indeed, it is truly blissful when you and your partner are best friends.

Many times it also happens that two good friends start harboring romantic feelings for each other. But how do you realize that your platonic friendship is turning into deep and passionate love? Here are some signs that make their existence felt when a friendship starts turning into love.

Body Language Reveals All

Body language can be your best enemy when you are trying to hide your feelings from others and your best friend when you want to understand what exactly the other person is thinking about you. If a man develops romantic feelings for his friend then he will touch himself a lot more in her presence.

He will also touch her more either by pretexts or simply unmindfully. He will lean towards her while sitting, standing or talking to her. He will try to hold her gaze for a longer time. While speaking to her he will raise his eyebrows or look amazed. Women on the other hand will fiddle with their jewelry, play with their curls, lick or even bite their lips and cross uncross their legs.

Changed Feelings And Reactions

The presence of jealousy in your relationship and the willingness to spend more time alone with each other will be noticeable changes in your relationship. You will find yourself thinking of him/her in a more intimate way. You will also visualize how life would be if your friend turns to be your spouse.

You will notice a sudden increase in the attention that you give to each other. There will also be an increased interest regarding each others lives, hobbies, friends and family.

There will be noticeable changes in the behavior and emotional responses of both. The expectations from each other will increase when friendship turns into love. Immediate or early responses of text messages, emails or any other form of communication will be expected. If there is a little delay then it will upset you and at the same time will make you anxious. If his/her interest in any third person was perfectly fine with you earlier it will not remain the same any longer. You will pass negative comments about any other person he/she is interested in out of your jealousy.

Taking Care Of Appearance

As friends it may not have been important to present yourself in your best looks in front of him/her. But as your emotions change you will make an effort to look your best when with him/her.

Involving Each Other In Future Plans

The words “we” and “us” will flow freely and quite unmindfully while discussing future plans. If the other person is also going through the same phase of changed feelings for you then he/she will seem glad about the use of the mentioned words.

Gifting Pet Names

You may have already given him/her a pet name as a friend. But when feelings change the way we talk, behave or call a person also changes. So notice if you have given or received a new pet name that sounds more personal, affectionate or even romantic.

Changes In Physical Touch

Being close buddies does involve a lot of physical touch like taking arm in arm, a high five, a pat on the back or even a quick casual hug. But when that’s replaced by holding hands, arm on shoulder, hand in waist, sitting on laps, prolonged and passionate hugging, then you can be sure that your friendship has taken a turn towards a romantic journey.

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