Should You Have Sex On A First Date Or Not

Sex On A First Date

Sex On A First Date Should you have sex on first date or should you give time to the relationship? What will the guy think about you if you shed your clothes on the first date? What will the girl think about you if you indulge with her without knowing her? Is it exciting to have sex on a first date? Does the date have any future at all if you indulge in sex during it?

We know a lot of such questions crowd your mind when you think about having sex with the girl or the guy you are going for a date with for the first time. If you want to know the answers for all the queries that your mind builds up for you in this context of whether to or not to have sex in your first date with someone, you will have to read further.

So read on, judge yourself and decide whether getting sexually involved in the first date is actually good for you or not as well as what things you need to consider while deciding for having or not having sex in the first date.

Sex in First Date- Should You Or Not

Know and Judge your Own and Your Partner’s Personality and Beliefs

Having sex on your first date is not impossible. There are people who like having sex on their first date while there are many who think it is absolutely wrong to indulge in sexual acts on their first meeting. You should always decide on this matter only after considering your own thoughts, beliefs, ideas, emotions and excitement about sex.

You must recognize, understand and accept the truth or reason for which you are looking forward to having sex in the first date with someone. Is it only to satisfy your body need or is it passion within you which is driving you towards sex or is it your liking, feeling, attraction, sentiments towards the partner.

Usually, people who indulge in sex in the very first date with someone are influenced by their physical need and sexual desire and they get into the act for mere self satisfaction. Since, mostly it is not possible to know a person deeply enough in the very first date and fall in love with the person, so indulging in sex for love or emotions for the partner is quite possible.

Should You Have Sex On A First Date Or Not

Now that you know the reason for your eagerness for sex in the first date and if your ideas and beliefs are in support of it too, then you must be sure about your partner’s desires and beliefs to decide whether you should take the date forward or keep it to a friendly non-sexual meeting.

Unless your partner holds similar beliefs and is in favor of sex in the first date you must not try to convince or coerce her into being physical with you as not only that will build the worst image of yours in front of her & ruin all future chances with her, it would also hurt her emotions and sentiments strongly which is never advised to anyone during dating.

What do Men Think About Girls Having it on the First Date

The question of having sex on the first date is very controversial and it depends upon every single individual’s thoughts, desires, passions and eagerness of having sex. It won’t be wrong to say that most men would not let go the chance of having sex on their first date if they get the option of doing so but not all belong to the same school of thoughts.

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Men often think that a girl who slept with a guy on the first date can sleep with any other person. A girl who gets laid on their first date will leave them and there is no relationship further. Hence, if your belief is in similar lines then you should avoid indulging in sexual activity in the first date if you want to build a stronger and lasting bonding with the girl.

However, there are many who think that the ultimate result of dating is sex and therefore it’s useless to wait for it. For many men understanding the compatibility in bed is important as it is a very important factor for a healthy relationship. If your thoughts are in these lines, then you can give it a try and who knows you might come across the perfect girl for yourself.

What do Women Think About Having Sex in First Date

Being a man it is utterly important to have an idea about what women think about the matter in question. Most of the women, rather say majority of women think it to be a bad idea of having sex in the first date. Women generally tend to get physical with only those men whom they know very well and whom they trust.

reasons to avoid sex in first date

Women are led into having sex by their emotions, passion and liking for someone. Women often take any hint of sexual interest in the first date from a man as a sign of frustration or perversion. They think that their date is only interested in physical satisfaction and not interested in knowing her as a person or not interested in any future ties with her.

Women mostly are unable to trust a man who approaches them sexually during their first meeting and any future chances of relationship with the man is completely ruined in such case.

Reasons to Avoid First Date Sex

First date sex should be avoided because of various reasons. Mostly first date sex is unplanned and thus unprotected which can lead to inviting sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Since you don’t know the person you are dating so well so you remain unaware of the fact of her being infected with sexually transmitted disease.

It might also not be safe in other ways as often first date sex is the trap for innocent people for being financially drained later on through blackmail. Apart from that, first date sex lacks the charm of the eagerness after waiting and the surprise quotient along with the love and emotion that makes sex much more interesting and pleasurable. First date sex mostly makes the relationship very casual and emotionless and chances of a strong, healthy and lasting bonding is often minimized by it.