Shaving For Men – What Beard Style Should I Have?

beard styles

There are a variety of styles for beards and give a whole new look to the one wearing it. In fact the personality of a man undergoes a change when he changes the style of his beard.

When you have your facial hair trimmed and shaped, you will be enhancing the features of your face and look handsome.

Glamour world has lot of big names who have made use of beard to make a definite style statement, both in the past and present times. Before choosing the beard style, you must look at the shape of face, mouth, jaw line etc. Here are a few beard styles for you:

Full Beard

This is a style that includes a flowing beard, which is either integrated into the moustache or remains independent. If you are young, don’t opt for full beard because you will look older.

Side Burns
This style allows hair to be grown from temples to the cheeks, almost approaching the jaw line.

Again, this style also involves having longer side burns which lunge forward, to end beneath the chin, the reason why it is called chinstrap.

This is almost same as chinstrap, except that it covers the entire chin.

This is a historically popular beard style and has also gone through a lot of variations. In this style, hair is grown on the lower facial portions only, along the jaw line. If you add a moustache to this style, you will look entirely different. This style yields to a lot of variations, like rounder or squarer shapes, depending upon the shape of the face.

This style requires only a couple of day’s growth of hair on the face. This is very popular and even sported by teenagers and college goers. Stubble exposes the casual personality in you.

This style is seen with hair grown only on the lower portions of the chin and jaw, and integrates with your moustache. The style narrows down towards ears, but doesn’t connect with side burns.

Mutton Chops
This is a popular style, with lengthy side-burns connecting the moustache. You have to shave hair off the chin. This gives a gentlemanly look to you and is preferable for men in their late thirties and early forties.