Sexual Problems In Males


Men feel a lot of pleasure while having sexual activity and there is no other comparable physical pleasure for men than to have sexual intercourse and ejaculation. This all has a lot of pleasure and satisfaction for men. However, it is not the case for all the men as some face some serious sexual health problems, which results in depriving men from having pleasure of sex and sexual intercourse. One such sexual health issue in men is called low sperm count or loss of sperm. This results in lack of interest or sexual activity in men. This result into ruining the sexual relationship with partner and can result into break-up as well.

But there are many solutions available to treat the problem of low sperm count. There are many natural supplements available, which can help to increase the potency of sperms. These natural supplements include Zinc, vitamins C and E, Argentine, Vitamin A (retinol), Beta-carotene, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B group. These are all essential nutrients which can help to increase the sperm count in men. These will also help to increase the functioning of prostate glands and productive hormones in men.

Ageing can also be a contributing factor in sexual health issues in men. There is evidence that ageing can be a factor for low sperm count. Those men who are below the age of 40 years have fertility rate of 60% and the rate decreases to half a percent for men over forty years of age.

For no or less sexual desire in men, there is no sure treatment because of variety of causes. The causes can be lack of interest in the partner for sex, insufficient sex hormones in male, weak sex organs in male etc. In order to decide a treatment for the low sperm count in men, symptoms, causes and signs are very important. If the loss of sperm is because of the use of some medicine, then it can be treated by using the antidotes for such medicines. If the reason for sexual problems is stress or any other psychological issue, then it can be treated with the help of behavioural therapy and counselling.

Many herbal treatments are also available for the male sexual problems and these are very effective as well. Herbal products like Shatavari, Shilajit, Mucuna, Ginseng and Indian Gooseberry are very effective for the treatment. The good thing about these herbal treatments is that these have no side effects.