Sex tips for men – having better sex


sextipsmen Do you feel a certain sense of power and accomplishment when you have sex? This is perfectly normal for all men. Our sex drive is what urges us to recreate new life on this planet over and over again.

It’s healthy to feel good about having sex. However, you should not treat sex as a game. You do not need to race to the finish line to win at sex. Trust me, if you do race to the end, your partner will not be happy.

Why do men feel the need to rush sex?

There are some easy explanations to this question. Men are biological organisms. We are flesh and blood. It is in our nature to try and spread our seed – to further the population.

We all know that sexual intercourse is enjoyed for reasons other than childbirth. Most of you are having sex for pleasure most of the time. This means that you have some outdated genetics making you rush the fun. Sexual intercourse is a highly passionate activity.

The build up of an orgasm can lead to an increased peak of ecstasy. If you are rushing to “get in and out”, you’re probably missing out on some very good times.

It’s natural to want to score.

It’s very normal for a male to wish to get the job done. If you have found a sexual partner and you’re going to have sex, you want to make sure it gets done, right? This is a terrible attitude to take with you into the bedroom.

Take the time to enjoy your partner’s body. The orgasm is the peak of ecstasy but really, how long does yours usually last? The average is not very high – a matter of seconds.

However, it’s possible to have sex all night long if you train yourself to maintain control. There are many new doorways you can open to sexual bliss if you take the time to learn about your own sexuality.

Men want to procreate.

All men have a natural desire to spread their seed and further their line. It’s in our blood. However, you shouldn’t be a slave to nature. It’s in a man’s nature to want to ejaculate inside a woman’s vagina in order to create a baby.

You may not be thinking about this but it’s in your subconscious. Train yourself to forget these primitive urges. They only get in the way of a higher understanding of the true pleasures of sex.