Sex Positions

Sex positions

Sex can surely be weird sometimes if you contemplate on the subject. We have the movement of two persons rubbing each other vigorously, while being pursued by the huge tension. Picture this strange image in your mind, involving different positions. Some involve using a high degree of flexibility, changing the spot and weight center continuously until the climax. In times like these you realize how amazing the human body can be.

A great sex session can be achieved with every body type; the thing that matters is doing it while considering your body’s limitations. Try being unique. Every characteristic of your body, be it the height or weight, will influence the possibility of using some different sexual positions. Read on to know more about some of them and maybe find new things that could add a little flavor to your sex life.

The weight – Although you may have put on some surplus pounds and you find it embarrassing because it can have a bad influence on your sex life, there are certain positions that can take advantage of this. The good thing is that while you are having sex with your partner you are also burning fat, so try working a little harder next time.

If your partner is overweight as well, consider putting her on her back and spreading her legs while you install yourself, preparing for the good time. This position involves a lot of space, so it gives both of you some room to take breath. Another good position is by putting her on a side and keeping one leg with your hand to her chest. You sit behind and work it from there, controlling the thrust by holding her leg.

The height is another important factor that has an influence on your sex life. It can become quite a challenge. A good position that offers total deep penetration is the following: let the girl stay on top but make her face your legs instead of your face. A great and sexy position, you can admire her bottom as it rhythmically moves up and down. Just sit back, have some fun and enjoy the sexy view!