Sex Before Marriage


beforemarrigesex The philosophy behind chastity of woman:

Sex and morality go hand in hand. Most of the religions do not allow unmarried woman to have sex. In fact, some moralists even say that while dating, the couple should not have sex.

Chastity of women has had prime importance. In olden days, the concept of chastity ensured that when the male went out on war or tour etc, the woman remained faithful to him during his absence.

What the religions and moralists say?

Most of the religions in the world do not agree to sex before marriage and even to this day; these religions emphasize chastity of women. There are some regions where the religious leaders punish women who are not chaste. Moralists concur with these religious leaders.

What some feel on this?

Some of the sections of the people in the modern society do not agree with the religions on the question of sex. They say that sex cannot be termed as immoral. In fact, some even encourage the youngsters and unmarried to have sex, for the simple reason that they must ‘know what it is’. They, therefore, support the youngsters who watch sex movies or browse topics on sex etc.

Is sex and morality related?

Of course, in many movies they show sex in complete detail. It depicts a part of the daily life. It gives an impression to the young minds that for sex, the couples need not marry.

At the same time, the religions believe that if a society allows unrestricted sex, or people have sex according to their whims and fancy, then the very fabric of the society is lost and such society becomes chaotic. Then there is another reason and that is the health.

Medicine has proved that HIV or such other diseases are results of unrestricted sex. Having sex with more than one person is one of the reasons for HIV. With all the safety measures during the sex, the disease is likely to be transmitted.

However, that would not happen with restricted sex. So, by coupling sex with morality, public health and public order is safeguarded. The society thus becomes a healthy place to live, with hatred and jealousy reduced substantially.