Sensual Biting: Part of Love Making


From the softest little nibbles to some rather harsh biting, for some, this is an extremely exciting part of love making. The act of biting can be very sensual when done right.

Sensual Biting Tips

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Where to Start

Start with the back of your partner’s neck. Kiss softly and nibble gently, then pay attention to his or her response. Work your way slowly around the neck, traveling down his or her back. If it is well received by your partner, keep going. Try the same action down his chest or across her breasts and down to the belly. Be gentle as you progress to your partner’s inner thigh.

Keep it Moving

Keep moving around your partner’s body. Try any area you are willing to go to. Keep it gentle at first, then nibble a little, then move on. If you find an area your partner does not like, just keep moving. You can move back for a few seconds to a point you got a good response from, but do not linger too long.

Code Word

Establish a safety word that either of you can use to make your partner aware of too much or too painful. If you get too excited, you may accidentally bite down too hard. By setting a special word, it will let you and your partner communicate better without having to stop completely.

sensual biting techniques

Read and React

You must be able to accurately read your partner’s reaction to your action. Make sure you are hearing moans of pleasure and not cries of pain.

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For you, biting your partner may be such a turn-on that you get carried away. Keep your focus and avoid making your partner feel like a chew toy.

Personal Preference

Depending on what you and your partner decide on, you may or may not want to be vocal. While some partners may enjoy biting until it hurts, others may not.

Some couples may want to make animal noises while others may not. There are couples who enjoy pain enough to want it to hurt, while some others may enjoy a little nibble here and there, but do not want to experience pain at all.

There can even be some danger involved in a biting relationship. Bites that break the skin can get infected. The key here is to communicate with your partner and make sure you understand what he or she wants.