Senior Dating Tips and Advice

Senior Dating Tips and Advice

Dating for seniors can often become quite a tough task. While people are young they have more options and they are less encumbered by responsibilities. For a senior however, this process can become a little tiresome since not only are there fewer options, but also one may have to think about one’s family and their reactions to it as well as taking care of children while dating or managing one’s job while dating.

Seniors dating therefore has to be undertaken with a lot of care. A person who has his or her job to manage may find little time for dating. So would a person with a family to take care of. Hence seniors’ dating comes with a few twists. However, none of these factors are too major to deal with. It is just that seniors dating have to be done with some efficient maneuvering.

Also, there are certain safe tips for seniors dating. There are many inherent risks for seniors dating. This article will elaborate on the safe tips for seniors dating.

Safe Tips for seniors dating

One of the first things to be noted about seniors dating is the fact that seniors should never post pictures which are annoying, or those that have been taken years ago and hence do not reveal the changes that a person has gone through over the years. Pictures that are rash or otherwise unsophisticated should also not be put up as they will merely attract the wrong kind of people while sending all the wrong signals to the right kind of people. It is a common tendency to post pictures that are unduly enhanced which go a long way in altering ones face. This should also be avoided. Honest and clear pictures representing the persons concerned are much more preferable to any of the types mentioned above.

Secondly, in the case of seniors dating people may not always come across as who they really are and one should be wary of this fact. For instance, it is very easy to put forth a much more accomplished background story to one’s life than is actually true in order to create an impression on the other person. This should be avoided by the persons who are inclined to do so because it has to be remembered that sooner or later the truth will surface and there will be no saving grace when that happens. Also people should be careful of not becoming trapped by the words of a stranger. While it may be difficult to determine whether a person is saying the truth or lying, one should always keep up one’s guard and be careful not to reveal too much.

For those who look for extra safety, carrying a key fob alarm is also not unusual. With the increasing number of dating mishaps and people being robbed or drugged during their dates, one can never be too careful. If there is any hint or suspicion that things may not be quite right, it is always better to use one’s defenses and be safe than sorry. Other such measures include, not leaving one’s wallet or purse or leaving them in the care of the other person. Money and other belongings should always be carried with the person concerned and not left alone. While having drinks, they should not be left alone either. A number of the drugging incidents while dating happen through drinks which are spiked.

Another important point is that one should be as free and frank as possible while not being undignified or revealing too much. Seniors dating can be made a lot simpler if the two people can discuss their lives and work without any hindrance. This is all the more so because when one is dating later on in life, it is most often than not that the person is  familiar with the ways of dating and therefore there is no reason for any difficulty or any feeling of awkwardness creeping in.

Many times, people look at seniors dating as a resort to criminal means such as stealing ones identity. Bank details, credit cards and other sources of official personal identification should never be revealed during dating a person one does not know. Also, it is often seen that older women and men are charmed or seduced by younger people for financial reasons and financial benefit. Hence, during seniors dating one must keep in mind that all is not as it seems and that they may be set up to be cheated out of their funds. Also, one should never bring the other person to one’s home if that person is a stranger.

A very crucial point with regard to seniors dating is the fact that some people may be ailing or may be prone to attacks, or may even be under medication. In these cases, arranging for proper care must be made sure of. The persons must carry medicines or other requirements that may become necessary and also inform friends or family members as to the whereabouts of the date so that in case of any emergency, help can arrive as soon as it is possible.

It is always advisable for seniors dating, to date within one’s known references or friend’s references so that the other person will not be a complete stranger. People who are known are more risk free and hence more reliable.

Certain other basic points to be kept in mind while seniors dating includes asking about the other person’s work details, religious beliefs, and family background and so on. If the other person at any point of time shows signs of being uncomfortable with the questions, then it may be so that the person has something to hide.

These are certain basic rules of seniors dating and if followed then the chances of incurring risks during dating are considerably reduced. Hence, in conclusion it can be said that seniors dating can be free from many of its inherent hassles if the factors and safety tips mentioned above are kept in mind.

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