Self Care Tips For Men


mancare Do you think only women benefit from beauty advice? Think again. There are several self care tips that are meant to improve the appearance of men.  For example, instead of shaving at the bathroom sink, it is best to shave in a nice hot shower.  The steam will help to produce a smooth, close shave. When getting a haircut, it is best to leave the hair wet to achieve more even and accurate results.

You may have heard the term exfoliate and assumed it referred only to women.  Exfoliation is a vital step in achieving healthy skin for both men and women alike. To exfoliate, first clean your skin with a gentle cleanser. Then exfoliate the skin with a loofah or washcloth.

Afterwards, apply a rich moisturizer. It is best to use simple body cleansers and lotions free of added chemicals and preservatives.  Many men are unaware that dry, chapped skin lies beneath their masculine features. Flaking of the skin and skin dryness increases with age so prevention is the key in the matter.

Today there are just as many fragrances available for men as there are for women. To find the fragrance best suited to you, visit the cologne counter at a local department store and sample a few of the more popular choices.

Rather than purchasing a single fragrance that you like, you should shop around and look for the lowest priced fragrance. There are many great deals on brand name fragrances available through online retailers.

When searching for the perfect suit, choose one that draws attention away from your exaggerated features. For example, if you are short it is best to find a suit with strong vertical elements such as pinstripes or two button jackets to add length.

A suit jacket with wide shoulders is great for adding bulk to men with a very thin frame. For men who carry excess weight around their midsection, dark colors or monotone suits are recommended.