Select an ideal energy drink.


yoli-full There is an increasing trend on the market today – energy drinks are a big hit! They sell so many of these drinks; you might start to wonder – which one is the best? There is a lot to choose from, but how do you know which one to pick?

There is something new in the world of energy drinks.

There are many varying opinions about energy drinks. Yoli is there, giving their own unique opinion on the topic of energy drinks. They claim that the goodness found in most energy drinks is not so great, because it is not fresh.

This is due to the way that they are stored. Basically, it’s said by many that the vitamins in energy drinks are diminished as the product sits on the shelf waiting to be purchased.

Energy drinks lose their goodness over time!

That is right. The drinks you buy might not have all that the label claims, by the time you get them. There are many people, who claim that the average energy drink will have lost up to eighty percent of its goodness after around thirty days.

That means that by the time you actually drink it, there might not be much goodness left for you. This indicates that the labels you read on many energy drinks are misleading.

That is what was in the bottle when it was packed. However, over time it is often almost gone! Thus, you might be paying for what you think is good wholesome energy, but you are getting much less.

Welcome to the wonderful Yoli Blast Caps.

These are great little items. They are basically a cap attached to a bottle of water. After you shake it all around, you will have yourself an energy drink. This works, because there is a special concentrated substance in the cap that releases into the water, as you shake the bottle.

This implies that you are getting the wonderful energy in a solid form, and then mixing it with water right before you drink it. This is actually a great idea, because, it is the water that depleted the nutrients over time.

Water does not mix with the nutrients until the last moment. This assures you that you get all of the goodness in your energy drink.

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