Seduction Techniques


If you think only men like James Bond are the only kind who get the ‘babes’, this article’s just right for you! Admitted, the charm and cool gadgetry that 007 gives him an extra edge over all the bikini-clad bombshells he is shown cavorting with on exotic locales, but seduction techniques are not something that are only limited to secret agents or super-stars!

Yes, that’s right – we are talking about developing those smooth moves that get you and your chosen one in the groove and these are as effective and easy to learn as the single sentence: give her what she wants!

Now, before you start tearing off that silk shirt at your favourite Chinese restaurant or snapping your teeth shut over the sterling rose you bought her, first understand that seduction techniques for wooing the woman of your heart don’t involve any complicated, slick movie-star moves or even 3-in-a-row KamaSutra strategies (of course, these many come in handy later on, no doubt). But, to break the ice and set the stage for practising your seduction techniques, the best way to begin is by making her feel comfortable with you!

This means, lots of long conversations, showing you’re interested in what she’s saying (yes, more than the occasional nod and hand-patting), encouraging her to share fantasies and, as women look upon a man who is interested in what she is saying as a massage to their ego, you can subtly shift the mood to a physical level by giving her a compliment on her best bodily feature. Take care, though, not to make it too intimate, keeping it in the region of social seduction (e.g. “your smile lights up the room, we don’t really need the lights” or “Your dad must have been a thief – he stole the stars and put them in your eyes!”)

Building trust, security and easy touchy-feely levels of comfort will help build your relationship towards smoother seduction and passion play, so you can smoothly progress to using gentle displays of affection, like brushing the hair off her cheek when it falls over her face, parting the crowd when at a public gathering so you shield her and anything else  – and begin the burning, slowly.