Secrets To Cover Grey Hair With Herbal Remedies

Secrets To Cover Grey Hair With Herbal Remedies

Secrets To Cover Grey Hair With Herbal Remedies Grey hair are a part and parcel of the human aging process. Many people find it necessary to cover up their grey hair as soon as they appear. Myriad cosmetic dyes and colors are available to cope up with this problem.

However, continued use of these chemical colors and dyes take their toll on the health of your tresses in the long run. In order to effectively cover up the grey hair without damaging them in any way it is better to switch over to herbal hair coloring options.

Here We Discuss Some Herbal Methods For Coloring Grey Hair

Herbal Coloring Method 1

Boil botanicals like rosemary and sage in water and let it simmer for half an hour in a saucepan. After that remove the saucepan from the flames and transfer its contents in a lidded container. Pour it gradually for preventing damage to the container. Leave it overnight. In the morning strain the herbs and apply a part of the mixture on your hair and allow it to dry out naturally. Once your hair dries off, rinse thoroughly and dry out using a soft towel. This procedure needs to be repeated twice every week.

Herbal Coloring Method 2

Saffron is used for blond or brown hair colors. Boil saffron in water for fifteen minutes. After that time remove the concoction from flame and let it stand as such overnight. In the morning strain and apply a part on your hair surface and let it dry out naturally. Rinse and shampoo out for a delicious golden hue.

Herbal Coloring Method 3

Powdered henna leaves leave behind a reddish hue on your black hair, while effectively covering the greys in the process. Boil together henna powder and water for ten minutes and then let the mixture sit for half an hour. After that apply it on your hair and rinse away later, followed by shampoo.

Herbal Coloring Method 4

Indian gooseberry literally goes to the root of the problem and treats the greying of hair naturally. This is how oil of this fruit may be prepared for nourishing the scalp and in the process the natural color of your hair also returns.

Cut the fruit in small pieces and let it dry. Now boil these gooseberry pieces in coconut oil. Boiling melts away the fruit in the oil and leaves behind dust residue. Strain away the oil which can be applied regularly on your hair to bring back their natural color. You will see the difference within just two weeks’ time.

Herbal Coloring Method 5

Mix equal amounts of almond oil with currant and lemon juice. Application of this mixture every night on your hair greatly helps in the treatment of the graying of hair naturally.

Herbal Coloring Method 6

Juice extracted from fresh amaranth leaves also color your hair naturally. Similarly boil some curry leaves in coconut oil for some time and then remove from flame and let it cool. Strain the mixture and apply the extract on your hair for miraculous results.

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